6 Comic Stories In Which Normally Cheerful Heroes Turned Dark

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It can't be easy being a super hero. Generally, as much as we may think their cool, they often have to go through hell to become the heroic person we eventually see them as. Parental deaths and losing loves and children and not being able to save people every single time would have to weigh on someone. Safe to say that these heroes are not sleeping well at night, put it that way. But what about those moments when the superheroes who are normally really cheerful and optimistic finally snap and turn dark? As you can tell from the above pic, it happens.

Topless Robot put together a list of some comic stories where the good guys went a little bezerk and it ends up being a very intereting read. From Spiderman going all Wolverine on someone, to a Green Lantern plot twist that would be more at home on The Wire than in a comic book. It is bleak stuff, but also shows us in a flash (see what I did there?) that not all comics are aimed at kids, and even the good guys snap sometimes.

We mean REALLY snap.


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"6 Comic Stories In Which Normally Cheerful Heroes Turned Dark"

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