8 Videos of Cats Doing Un-Cat Like Things

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Cats are very mysterious creatures. With dogs, you pretty much know what you are getting, but not so much with cats. Some days your cat may want to curl up in your lap and never leave your side, and the next day that same cat could act like you don't exist. Why do they do it? That is the beauty of it, we have no idea. The random insaity of a cat is pretty much summed up by the fact that they will often beg and bother you while you are eating, yet they want nothing to do with your actual food. Again, we could ask why, but we know better. Because that is just what cats do. Essentially, whatever they want. Here are 8 videos of cats doing un-cat like things, and it proves we know nothing about these marvelous and mysterious beasts.

1. Cat Barking

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You think you have seen it all until you have seen this video of a cat barking like a dog until it is spotted by a human, then it returns to meowing like normal. Honestly, it is almost scary. Is it taunting a dog? Do cats secretly bark when no one is around? This video begs more questions than answers.

2. Cat Saying NOOOOO to Bath Time

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This one is true and actually happens if you get your cat in just the wrong circumstances. For some reasons, cats seem to hide that they know selective English. They only bust it out at the most important times and usually only when they are in great duress.

While it might seem slightly mean that the owners are laughing, there is something undeniably hilarious about the fact that this cat is clearly screaming no. If the cat was actually going to be harmed, this would not be funny. What makes it funny is cats react to taking a bath the same way six year old boys do.

3. Cats Standing Up, Readying Brawl Stance

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This is the "Come At Me, Bro" move for cats who are about to brawl. What is funny is the cat who does it also takes a step back. It is like the cat is saying: I will rough you up if I have to, but would prefer we keep this somewhat gentlemanly. 

I wish I could somehow make myself look twice as big in a similar circumstance. Seems a very useful defense mechanism (even though the other cat doesn't seem phased by it at all).

4. The Perfect "OMG" Reaction

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I know cats sometimes have very distinct reactions (see example above this one), but I had never seen a cat slowly don an "OH MY GOD" expression before ever seeing this video. This cat looks like it just found out it is adopted or something.

Or maybe it was watching Fight Club and just figured out the plot twist.

Either way, we will never know what summoned this reaction, but we can all agree it is way more human-like than cat-like.

5. Cat That Answers Batman

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Okay, so we have already addressed the fact that cats can clearly speak English if the situation is just right (or just wrong, really). But this example is just beyond insane. This is a fairly famous Vine video where a guy dresses up like Batman and asks his cat where the catnip is. You have to turn your volume up a bit, but the cat clearly says "I don't know", which is interupted by fits of laughter from the witnesses in the room.

But let's not make any excuses or say it was instinct. It cannot be a cat's instinct to answer Batman in English. That just doesn't make sense. But it is awesome. I think few can deny that. The worst part is, I bet it TOTALLY knows where the catnip is. Cats are like the Joker. They thrive on chaos.

6. Cat Opens Five Doors To Escape

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So we all know that cats can open doors. It is one of those things that cats seem to figure out from observation (which actually seems to be how they figure all of this stuff out). Usually, a cat will have one door in a house that it jumps up and tries to open. Thing is, it wont work very often. But in this video, it's different. Here you see that the cat knows there are multiple doors, and seems to be able to get through them all without any problem.

At that point, it is just one step away from taking the car and leaving. So I ask, do we own the cats, or do the cats own us? With these videos, it is hard to tell.

7. Cats Play Fruit Ninja on iPad (Quite Well, Too)

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It is not just the simple fact that this cat is playing the Fruit Ninja app on an iPad. It is the fact that the cat is playing Fruit Ninja quite well. Once the fruit starts flying, the cat just kicks into ninja mode and starts slashing the stuff, left and right. It is one thing when a cat instinctively swats at something. It is another thing entirely when a cat beats your high score at a video game.

That is when you know that cats are evolving, getting ready to assimilate man kind and take over the Earth. Okay, I may be jumping to conclusions a little bit with that theory, but I can't help but wonder if that is where this is all culminating. 

8. Cat Plays Jenga

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Swatting your claws at a screen with flying fruit is mild next to the cat that seems to understand the layered nuances of a good round of Jenga. It's funny, you watch this video with baited breath, thinking the cat is just going to clumsily knock the tower over. Yet round after round, that is not what happens. At least not right away.

So what can you really say about this collection of cat videos? Nothing at all. Just be prepared to bow down before our feline overlords soon. I am sure if you were generous with the belly rubs and catnip they will go easy on you.

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It cracks me up that the cat opening the doors apparently grows quite pissed that the man with the camera continues to follow it down the stairs. It stops running at the bottom, gives the "act casual" rub along the floor, and those tail flicks as it opens the last door are obviously indicating upset. Soo funny!
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