This Movie Is Anti-Dungeons & Dragons, Or Is It?

The ridiculously outdated forces of anti-Dungeons & Dragons righteousness are about to rear their ugly head in the most modern way possible- with a video available to stream via the internet.

The movie is called Dark Dungeons, and it's very appropriately based on Jack Chick’s tract (mini-comic) of the same name, which reveals the link between D&D and witchcraft.

It’s full of ominous messages like “roleplaying games are the perfect gateway to embracing Satan” and (unspoken) "frat guys are starting to host massive rpg parties", and the only real problem with this movie lies with the people who actually take it's message seriously.

(Video Link)

The tongue-in-cheek nature of the film is undeniable, and the filmmakers clearly find the Chick tracts as hilarious to read as I do, but is it worth the five bucks to watch the whole thing?

Check out the first eight minutes and decide for yourself, and if it’s a go head to the official website to stream the movie, download some sweet anti-rpg propaganda, and discover the dark truth about roleplaying games- the gateway drug to magical evil.

-Via Christian Nightmares

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"This Movie Is Anti-Dungeons & Dragons, Or Is It?"

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