Kim Jong-Un Visits Lube Factory, Photoshop Battle Commences

Kim Jong-Un is apparently quite easy to entertain, and he was all smiles and eyes full of wonder when he visited the Chonji Lubricant Factory and got to watch machines squirt out piles of lubricant:

(Image Via Telegraph)

This incredibly meme worthy photo of the delighted Kim Jong-Un spawned a Reddit PsBattle called  Kim Jong-Un at a lube factory, and the Redditor creations were most glorious!

Here are some of the gloriously hilarious creations featuring the most handsome glorious leader:

The true origin of Slurm= North Korea!!!

(Image Via Dolphinmx)

Kim mans the Skil-Crane game, hoping to win a Minion army to help him with his despicable plans:

(Image Via idealspace)

North Korea is a major producer and exporter of one terribly toxic substance- Toon dissolving Dip!

(Image Via thejook)

And last but not least Kim Jong-Un oversees the making of Scott Tenorman's Parents brand chili, now with extra horse!:

(Image Via jdickison904)

There are sure to be more Kim Jong-Un memes to come, because say what you will about the guy there's no denying he's photogenic!

-Via Cheezburger

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