Weaponsmiths Combine All Four Ninja Turtle Weapons Into One

The super talented weaponsmiths from Baltimore Knife and Sword, collectively known on YouTube as MAN AT ARMS, are back with a new series called REFORGED, where they step up their weapon forging game by constructing hybrid weapons based on our favorite geeky franchises.

In this episode they came up with a rather creative way to combine all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s weapons into one freakin’ crazy weapon they should call the Cowabunga Choppah.

(Video Link)

You'd think a katana blade mounted on the end of a bo staff would be enough, but this is REFORGED, and MAN AT ARMS is going all out to create weapons we've only seen in our geeky dreams, so of course they had to work in Raphael's sai and Mikey's nunchakus.

However, seeing how they work the sai and nunchaku in to the overall build will surprise you...What will these creative weapon masters come up with next?! 

-Via Sploid

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