Star Trek With Camera Shake Removed - Turn Down For What Edition

The original Star Trek show was filmed when all effects were practical, as opposed to digitally created special effects, and adding camera shake meant literally shaking the camera.

Star Trek: The Next Generation was made in the late 80s/early 90s, when digital effects were more widely used in television productions, so effects like camera shake were digitally added in post-production, with a little help from the actors, of course:

(Video Link)

Nowadays digital effects make it easy to simulate camera shake via software, but when you use the same software to remove the camera shake effect you're left with nothing but amazing performances.

Add the catchy DJ Snake and Lil Jon track "Turn Down For What" to those performances and you've got pure comedy gold on your hands, courtesy of some dude named Danny Rogers and his mashup "Turn Down For Spock".

-Via Elite Daily

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