Photo Series Shows Animals Eating Their Prey- Food Chain

It’s almost unbearable to watch some humans shovel food into their faces, and we may even call those who make a huge mess or smack loudly while they eat "animals", but watching messy humans eat can’t even compare to the disgusting way most animals devour their prey:

Photographer Catherine Chalmers is fascinated by the different ways animals eat their prey, so she created a photo series entitled Food Chain to show us how much more disturbing meal time can be.

Here's a bit of what Catherine has to say about her delicious photo series:

The project grew out of a desire to be more engaged with the natural world. Over time, I became fascinated by the strange disconnect between what people seem to want to believe happens in nature and what actually does. Humans are incredibly efficient killers, yet we are remarkably queasy at facing, or acknowledging, what we do. I’m an omnivore. Eating a chicken running around the yard is an ecologically sustainable thing to do. But supporting the industrial feedlot system of mass produced chickens, for example, is gross and distressing. I try to eat in a way that is easy on the planet. Unfortunately, though, there is really no innocence in eating. Something dies for us to live.

-Via Vice

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"Photo Series Shows Animals Eating Their Prey- Food Chain"

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