Now This Is How You Game Like A Boss

Gaming while seated at a computer desk is so 2001, nowadays it’s all about lounging on the couch while you game, and using your chubby little dog to hold up your mousepad like a total boss.

The best part about using a pug enhanced computer configuration is that the pug can help give you pointers when you’re having trouble beating a boss, and dogs love to bark at the competition so make sure your dog is wearing a mic when you play your favorite multiplayer games.

The only drawback we've found with the pug enhanced configuration is the dog will occasionally have terrible gas, which can bring an entire gaming session to a halt as everyone is forced to evacuate the house for some fresh air!

-Via Kotaku

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That's why we need to get virtual reality headgear in every house, because before you know it kids will be walking on treadmills or riding stationary bicycles for hours on end as they game, and then they'll have no problem getting enough exercise!
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This photo is depressing. That dog is overweight, and the kid is on track to be overweight and unhealthy as well. That kid needs to take that dog for a walk. For both their sake.
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