Hyperrealistic Wax Sculptures Of Pop Culture Icons

Wax is a sculpting medium that can be used to create extremely realistic works, and as any visitor to one of the wax museums across the country know it’s the chosen medium for photorealistic sculpture, and wax works don’t come much better looking than the works of Bobby Causey.

Bobby is a self taught artist who has been creating incredibly realistic sculptures of movie characters like The Joker, Hellboy, and Jack Torrance from the Shining for private collectors and galleries for years, with finely painted detail, hand punched hair and just the right accessories to complete each character.

Bobby even created his own replica of the Batmobile from the 1995 movie Batman Forever, and it's every bit as spot on as his amazing sculptures.

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I'm not sure why you consider this "jumping on the bandwagon", it appears you're simply unaware of this art movement.


Hyperrealism sprang from the photorealism movement in painting and sculpture from the 1960s and 70s, but where photorealism is simply making something look as realistic as possible hyperrealism adds a narrative and emotional element to the work.

So when you walk into your average wax museum the figures are just standing there looking like their human counterparts, aka photorealism, while most of Bobby's works contain an emotional element that makes them come to life even more than a simple photorealistic sculpture.

While it's true that not all of Bobby's works would fall into the category of hyperrealism the vast majority contain a narrative or emotional element, such as Jack's screaming face and axe, which make this a more appropriate title. However, like the names of many artistic movements it's subject to personal interpretation, and tends to make nitpickers foam at the mouth.

In the future if you have a question about a terminology, or why someone decided to use a particular term in their post, it would probably be best if you just ask without all the snark, and without using potentially insulting phrases like "jumping on the bandwagon". Otherwise good question and I hope I answered it to your satisfaction!
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Since you jumped on the bandwagon and used the term, I'd like to ask: what, exactly, do you mean by "hyper realistic"?

This is akin to saying: More real than reality. I just don't get it. It's such an internet term that has crowd appeal and absolute nonsensical logic behind it. One of the editors at a rather large art and design mag told me it was an authentic art term rooted in historic movements. Which is simply not true. It was coined online mid 2003.

To me these are realistic sculptures. If they were more realistic then I'd have to rethink the demarcation line of illusion vs. reality.
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