Star Wars Seen Through Fresh Eyes

Jeremy grew up with his grandparents in a remote area without a reliable TV signal. He is 19 now, and recently watched the original Star Wars trilogy for the first time. Oh, he knew some things about it, but was too young to experience the movie hype and never saw it at his parents’ insistence like so many of his peers. He blogs about his experience at Some Wonderful Kind of Noise. For each of the movies, he makes predictions, then records notes during the viewing, then writes a recap. Reading through it is like going back to the first time you saw Star Wars.

This says Episode IV. I am confusion. And we're reading! The evil galactic empire, so I was right!

Oh cool, we have letters of transit. Or will this be more significant? Also clearly DEATH STAR is meant to be in all caps so we're doing that.

I'm missing like half of this because awesome music. Rewinding to catch it all.

Already stoked and nothing is happnSHIP LASERS

Dear god, do you have enough ship there? There's an underdog message in all this, I'm sure of it


One talks, one doesn't Alright then

White robots! The Empire

You’ll want to read the whole thing in order (reversed in this archive). The revelation of Vader’s relationship to Luke was particularly hard on Jeremy. You’ll be glad to know that after he wrapped up the trilogy this past weekend, he did not go on to the prequels. Yesterday he watched The Princess Bride for the first time. -via Metafilter

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