Comic Book Panels Seem Dirty When Taken Out-Of-Context

Comic book panels are meant to correlate to each other, as parts of a whole page, but when you take a single comic panel out of the page and read it totally out of context from the rest of the issue things tend to get lost in translation, and the whole thing seems downright dirty.

Sure, some comics contain such laughably bad dialog that you don’t even need to single out certain panels to get a laugh, but in this case we’re talking about stoic, stuffy superheroes like Batman, Superman and Captain America, guys who don’t normally crack a smile, much less crack wise.

Bask in the comedic glory of 43 Out-Of-Context Comic Panels That Prove All Superheroes Have Dirty Minds and remember- they’re only dirty in your mind!

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"Comic Book Panels Seem Dirty When Taken Out-Of-Context"

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