10 Beautiful Attack on Titan Tattoos

The anime series Attack on Titan is a thrilling story of human struggle and survival. The series has developed a strong fanbase of creative people. We've previously featured fan art inspired by the series. Now let's look specifically at tattoos about the defenders of humanity.

Damien Murphy is inking her entire back with anime-themed tattoos. The phrases "See you space cowboy" and "You're gonna carry that weight" are from Cowboy Bebop. The central image is the Survey Corps logo and the paired swords carried by human soldiers.

Members of the Survey Corps are the great heroes of humanity in Attack on Titan. They do not hide behind the walls that separate humanity from the titans, but venture out into the wild. It is an immensely dangerous task and the lifespan of a Survey Corps member is not long. But their work is the promise of eventual freedom. So their crest is known as the Wings of Freedom. The design works well for large back tattoos, as Angel Heichou demonstrates.

Attack on Titan is a story of courage and sacrifice. It shows humanity at its best, which is perhaps why the Wings of Freedom inspires so many people, including ecchispaidesu.

Here is a titan--one of the human-devouring giants that has nearly wiped out humanity. I won't spoil it for you, but I will say this about Alex Addams's tattoo: it actually shows a glorious rather than terrifying moment.

The series begins with an attack by a new type of titan: the Colossal Titan. It is a far, far more dangerous opponent than humanity has ever faced before. This titan is much larger and stronger than other titans. It also appears to be intelligent. Thor Grove had this image of it inked on his leg.

Keiran Mol is direct in his understanding of the importance of the Survey Corps. He unveiled his Wings of Freedom upper arm tattoo with the words "For the glory of humanity."

For her fifth tattoo, Florida artist Vicki DeLeon chose an unframed depiction of the Wings of Freedom.

This isn't actually an awesome pair of leg tattoos, but pantyhose that gives the impression that you have Attack on Titan tattoos.

Good tattoo artists start from carefully thought-out designs. Proto-jekt is a designer of tattoos. He has an impressive gallery of anime-inspired tattoo designs, including this one showing paired swords and the Wings of Freedom. I think that roses refer to the Garrison, one of the branches of the human military.

Romeo Lacoste is an accomplished tattoo artist in Los Angeles. His client list includes Justin Bieber. Lacoste is currently inking this full chest tattoo showing a gallant stand against the Colossal Titan.

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Cowboy Bebop?

How about The Beatles' album Abbey Road(1969)?

Boy, you're gonna carry that weight
Carry that weight a long time
Boy, you're gonna carry that weight
Carry that weight a long time

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