If Star Wars was a Tarantino Film

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What if Star Wars had been directed by Quentin Tarantino? It’s an imaginary exercise, as Tarantino was 14 years old when the first movie premiered. But this would be the trailer. YouTube commenters think it’s great, but I don’t quite get it. What makes this a “Tarantino” trailer? The music? The fact that Samuel L. Jackson is cast? Help me out here- I’ve seen only two Tarantino movies and enjoyed one of them. -via Digg

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I agree with MC... Sorry, but for me this simply doesn't work. I'm a big fan of both Star Wars and Tarantino, but Lucas' shooting style is so different from QT that this simply looks like SW with QT's "twangy" soundtrack style and titles laid over it.
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I love this. There's actually a fan edit that came out in 2010 called "War of the Stars: A New Hope Grindhoused" (link), which combined the grindhouse style to create a perfect full length version of the kinda trailer shown here.
It's meant as a fun(ny) version of Star Wars, just like Tarantino & Rodriguez' "Death Proof" and "Planet Terror" were in their own right.

You can find it on various torrent sites, and the cool thing about fan edits: It's NOT illegal to download them as long as you are in possession of the original film (in this case "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope").
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