The Question of the Boba Fett Movie

We’ve heard that Disney is planning to release a new Star Wars movie every year, once they get the Lucasfilm franchise up and running. And we’ve heard that after the next trilogy, there will be a series of movies that each tell the story of a different familiar character. The latest rumor is that Disney is having a particularly difficult time deciding on how to present Boba Fett as the protagonist of a film. Can you make a Disney movie about a bad guy? The upcoming Malificent will determine if it’s possible, but how will they make it work with the evil bounty hunter from Star Wars? /Film has an idea.

One way to do that is change the time frame. If spin-off takes place soon after Attack of the Clones, it could show Fett’s desire to try and be good, ultimately failing, which would then lead into the original trilogy. However, if the film takes places during the original trilogy, as had been rumored, we already know he’s evil.

Gamma Squad has another suggestion.

Normally, this problem would be solved by having Fett hunt down Space Hitler; whenever you want to have a bad guy look good, you put him up against a bad guy who’s even worse. It’s mostly a matter of figuring out who that Space Hitler is and making that palatable to the families showing up to see a movie starring a bounty hunter.

Disney has years to figure it out. How would you craft a story around Boba Fett and make it family-friendly enough for Disney?

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Every Star Wars movie so far has favored the bad guys: the rebels, who split off from the Republic and fight to overthrow the government are, as defined by the US government, the bad guys. It's about time we got a Star Wars movie about the good guys who are trying to keep the peace.
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Boba wasn't bad, he was a bounty hunter. A for hire merc. We never were able to find out if the rebels had the cash to pay for solo's bounty if Fett would have taken it or if he also had a code of which to hunt by, as in Jabba set the bounty and once it was set bam he had to get solo at all costs. In the prequels he was a little kid, who saw his father get decapitated by a jedi, so who's the bad guy then in his eyes? The Jedi are the terrorists in his eyes, while the galatic empire is the ruling class. Just saying...
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There are plenty of ways to make a "bad guy" into a protagonist... that's not what concerns me. What concerns me is giving up so much information on the character that he loses the mystique that made him so appealing in the first place, like what happened to Wolverine in the 90's comics (if you're old enough to remember how that character started out)...

On the other hand, the mystique with Boba Fett was already severely chipped away with the adventures of "Baby Boba" in the prequels, so I suppose the damage is done...
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My initial thought is how the movie "Payback" (Mel Gibson) plays out: A bad person runs afoul of someone just as bad, but with more resources.

The hard part is creating the right pathos to make the audience buy into liking an otherwise unscrupulous character.
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