Who Will Die in the Season Finale of The Walking Dead?

If you follow the the TV show The Walking Dead for any length of time, you come to realize that they kill off a major character or two in every season finale and mid-season finale. The “who will die” question has been discussed thoroughly at The Walking Dead Forums, reddit, Warming Glow, Entertainment Weekly, Heavy, and The Examiner, among other sites.

If you are not current on the series, you may want to skip the rest of this post because of possible spoilers. Otherwise, click "continue reading" for more speculation.

Several characters have had a “foreshadowing moment,” but the show’s producers are well aware of the prediction game and may be playing with us. And the biggest foreshadowing moment doesn’t tell us who will die. Remember the creepy painting Michonne found in the house she and Carl raided?

The side braid made fans think it was Lizzie, but it's really Tasha Yar! There were other paintings, and all seem to foreshadow something. But who dies is still not clear. Then again, the show might take a complete turn from the expected and kill no one in the season finale. The producers have made it pretty clear that it will end in a cliffhanger, which we will have to wait six months to resolve. Sigh.

Place your votes for the next to die. You can select more than one. Names are presented in their order of appearance by season. Explain your reasoning in the comments, and we’ll see who’s right on Sunday night. Your number one selection in last year's poll was wrong, and the characters who placed second and fourth were the ones who died.

Who will die in the season four finale of The Walking Dead?

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