5-Year-Old Kid Forges Mom's Signature

Seems legit! Redditor Lisa831's five year old kid attempted to forge her signature - I'd say the hearts really sold it. That kid is gonna grow up to be juuuust fine, dontcha think?

Did you ever forge your parent's signature when you were a kid? How did it go?

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I remember trying to forge my moms sig when I was in... hmm.. maybe 1st grade? I did remember to use her actual name and when asked about it said that she was Korean so didn't know much English :P
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Genius. Nowadays, they ask for a parent's signature on the card that consolidates all permissions at the beginning of the year. That's what they keep on file. Still, my kids perfected my signature years ago, just as I did my parents' signatures.
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I never forged my mom's name, but .... The first day that I missed during 7th grade because of illness, my mom sent me off with a note the next day to give to the school office. I found my best friends sister, had her write the exact same thing that my mom had written, and gave that one to the office. They called my mom and checked to make sure that she had indeed written that note. My mom replied that she had. The office put that note on file, and whenever I played hookey, I would have my friends sister write me a note. The office would check the new note with the old note, would see that the hand writing was the same, and I was good to go. BTW ... that little ruse only lasted a few times before they caught on. Then there was trouble.
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