Kids React to Rotary Phones

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Warning: this will make you feel ancient. Dial phones were replaced by push-button phones when these kids’ parents were children (although that wasn’t universal -remember when we had to pay an extra fee for touchtone service?), so it’s no surprise they don’t know how to use them. But when you hear them try to figure out how to send a text on a rotary phone, it strikes home how different the world they are growing up in really is.

My older daughter found a rotary phone in vendor's mall a few years ago and asked me to show her how it was used. Every step was totally new to her. Then she wanted to buy it and use it! I said no, because we'd then have to get landline service. Would that even work these days? -via Metafilter

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Landlines are still the right choice in certain areas. We have to have a landline in our neighborhood because the cell service is really bad. It's a well known problem here, not something that's specific to us. We had VOIP for about a month: couldn't make or receive phone calls for hours at a time.
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I have the old ring as my ringtone. Otherwise, I'd never wake up if someone called while I am asleep. Well, my husband takes my phone when I nap, but in the middle of the night, I need to know if there's a family emergency. Any other sound would not pierce my slumber.
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