ReRoll Is Mapping The World For An Epic Scale MMO

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Massively multiplayer online games seem huge when you're playing, but in real world scale those MMO continents are pretty small, and as more gamers log on the worlds will need to grow to accomodate the new generation of players ready to explore a virtual world and level up.

A new game is embracing this growth in a global way, by scanning the entire world with autonomous drones to help generate a full scale world in which gamers will play. ReROLL is one ambitious globe spanning game, with tons of possibilities and a map which will take years to explore and quests that will take you across the planet, but the game will begin outside the U.S. because drone regulations haven't been established yet.

If people thought MMO addiction was bad with Warcraft and Everquest wait until this mega scale game comes out!

Via Destructoid

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GE already has a (crude) flight simulator built in. But its height resolution data, and much of the ground resolution data, is much too crude for ground-level travel.
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Back in the early 80s when computer animation was fairly new a friend of mine worked for one of the companies that did the original 'Tron' CG. They also did TV commercials. One time a client wanted them to portray their car brand in the far future, where it flew into space. The client was impressed with the way the background, particularly the moon, seemed to move correctly. He asked how this was accomplished and my friend said, "We looked up the numbers in an astronomy book and we built the solar system ... actual size." The client went real wide-eyed as he digested that concept, and then quietly said, "whoa."
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