Abused French Kitten is Safe

You may had read elsewhere about a French Facebook user who posted two videos of a man throwing a kitten against a wall. The original videos were soon deleted, but members of 4chan’s notorious /b/ board investigated and identified the animal abuser. French police were notified, and they went to Farid Ghilas’s home Friday and arrested him. The kitten, a five-month-old named Oscar, was confiscated by France’s Society to Protect Animals (SPA). The Society says that Oscar is being treated at a veterinary clinic for a broken leg. They posted a video of the kitten on Facebook. The kitten’s rightful owner was found and has given consent for necessary treatment. Oscar is expected to recover.    

Farid Ghilas was sentenced on Monday to one year in prison for animal cruelty. He is also barred from over owning an animal. -via Daily of the Day

(Image credit: SPA Marseille Provence)

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Yes, well that might work in the fantasy world of leprechauns and unicorns you inhabit; but out here in the real world, turning the other cheek to the wrong person is likely to get you killed, and extending an olive branch all too often only gives a psychopath something to beat you with. If I ever caught someone doing something like this to my cat - or any other defenceless animal - I would do my utmost to stomp their worthless, cowardly ass into the pavement, just to teach them a sorely-needed lesson about picking on someone their own size. Sorry if that ruffles your sunshine-and-lollipop feathers, but it rankles when someone compares me to a torturer.
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Well, if you wish for that to happen to him, aren't you really on the same level as him?
If you say 'No, because I wish for it to happen to him because of what he did.' that would mean you accept that there are excuses through which one would be allowed to do such things to others which opens up new paths for the person in question.

I just really hope he will regret it one day, I don't care what happens to him, I just hope his mind comes around and he confesses to someone how sorry he is, and is honest about it, cause punishment doesn't actually solve the problem, the big problem is only solved if the acting character feels remorseful and teaches someone a lesson about kindness and humanity.
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