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Now, if Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon were a little less honorable and C-3PO was a little more homicidal, and maybe if the magic trash can had a sense of humor... At this point, there’s nothing more we can do with The Phantom Menace than to just make a party out of it. Really, it’s the only thing that will make the movie watchable. This was accomplished by the Auralnauts. I can’t wait to see what they do with Attack of the Clones. -via b3ta

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My quibble with the prequels is that they just screamed of retro-engineering. That obviously Lucas had no overarching story (which we already knew), but things had to be squeezed in whether it worked or not to make the later stories make sense. (Anakin built C-3PO? Right.)

That and the midichlorians. Vader being a virgin birth.

And Yoda was no longer a Muppet.

But no one would hate you for liking them!

And Hayden Christianson was never likeable as Vader because of his wooden acting.

I didn't mind Jar Jar being goofy, but did he have to be Steppin Fetchit?

But no one would hate you for liking them.
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I don't want to get off on a rant her, but...I am 65 and a lifelong fan of comics and scifi (I am a retired Environmental Scientist). I simply want to say that I enjoy the prequels in the series much more than the original three. I am getting quite tired of the bashing of the prequels. The love of the originals seems like sentimentality. How is JarJar Binks any more goofy than the Ewoks? To my mind the prequels are just as entertaining and the production qualities are a superior. The only criticism of the prequels I can get behind is the casting for Vader. So hate me if you must.
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