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Can a Quiz Predict Your Politics?

How well do you fit into stereotypes that lean in a particular political direction? TIME magazine put together a 12-question quiz that aims to peg you politically by some parameters that have nothing to do with politics (while other parameters do). Try it out and let us know how accurate you think it is. I thought I would show up as a socialist, as usual, but the results have me at only 69% liberal. The problem seems to be that "agree a little" appears to be weighted the same as as "strongly agree." But I may be wrong, as the accompanying explanation tells us that some questions are weighted more than others.  -via Digg

It wasn't very accurate from my perspective. 57% conservative/43% liberal indicates I am closer to a centrist than I see myself.

One thing I don't understand is how using a "modern browser" marks one as a liberal.
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"We created this survey by drawing on several sources. Research by Sam Gosling, at the University of Texas..."

I've read Professor Gosling's scholarly work and randomly "creating" a survey like this is no measurement instrument. This is, at best, clickbait or data harvesting. At worst, it's not science, much less journalism.
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27:73... yet, I am a staunch gun owner, I prefer a small government, I am not too keen on social programs, and am a bit wary of high taxes. I see myself more as a libertarian centrist.
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Marked me as 80% Conservative/20% Liberal but I'm pretty much a Liberal. Interesting. I've always felt though, that those labels as used today are completely inaccurate. Many of my feelings seem much more conservative in reality than those I hear expressed by so-called Conservatives.
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