This Bunny Loves His Baths

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What's more relaxing than a nice warm bath after a long, stressful day? Pretty much nothing, right?

Well, believe it or not, bunnies feel the same way...or at least, this bunny does -especially when they are paired with soft, gentle massages. Little Cloody here even fell asleep during this relaxing massage session. 

While rabbits don't usually need help bathing because, like cats, they clean themselves. Cloody certainly loves his occassional bath time and you can tell just by looking at this bundle of relaxation.

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Yes, their teeth didn't line up perfectly, so they developed tooth burrs, which could then create mouth sores, which could then get infected. So it was necessary to stay on top of their dental needs.

One of our vets explained another complication. He said that rabbits are very sensitive to anesthesia. The difference between a rabbit being knocked out and being dead was very small, so rendering them unconscious required great care. Tooth trimmings were completed under sedation.
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With rabbits, litter training only works if they're fixed and it can take a while to get the hang of. Hormonal intact rabbits can be virtually impossible to littertrain. Vet bills are definitely as issue, although most rabbits do not need tooth trimmings if they're given a correct diet. [genetics or injury, however, can cause their teeth to not align and grind down on their own properly, which may be the result of John's dental distresses!]
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Sadly this person who filmed this video does not love their bunny, there is no reason to bath a bunny like this. This poor bunny is in shock and unresponsive. This video is not cute at all. It is abuse. I am a House Rabbit Society Educator and rescuer, please remove this video, it is not okay to bath a bunny like this.
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I am a rabbit rescuer and House Rabbit Society Educator, this video is actually abuse being filmed. The poor bunny does not love this at all, the bunny is in shock. Please remove this video as it spreads the falsehood that this is okay.
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