Can We Bring Back Date Night At Disneyland?

I actually just used my Disneyland pass yesterday to enjoy another great day at the themepark. While I was with a special someone, it was far from a date, but now that I heard about Disneyland's organized "Date Nites" that took place back in the 50s and 60s, I kind of wish it was. 

Imaging getting dressed up, meeting up with your best guy or gal and then hitting the dance floor at Disneyland before riding the Matterhorn together. The best part was -if your date was a dud, you could still have plenty of fun at the happiest place on earth.

Buzzfeed has plenty more about the organized events, and I can't help but wish we still had these available as a romantic Saturday night option. Maybe we could organize one already -there's already a Harry Potter day, a dapper day and a goth day, so why not a date day?

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No offense to you by any means, Erik...

We can indeed reintroduce things like "Date Night," because there are a lot more that are interested in restoring civility and manners and such. There have been many successful events that have taken place such a Dapper Days that touches on Disney of the Past, and it was successful.

As infuriating as younger generations may make us, let's not give up hope completely on what they're capable of doing. I'm pushing 40, and I still believe in the magic of Disney and what "guests" are capable of. We only throw away traditions when we deem them no longer necessary. As pointed out above, they're very much in need of being spiced up for modern society. I think this would help.
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We can't have things like date night at Disneyland anymore because people are shitheads. Manners, civility, respect, self-respect, all those things are too eroded. Assholes, gangbangers, surly teens, and trash of all colors would ruin it. Yeah, yeah, call me an old old curmudgeon. I don't care. But why do you think they stopped having date nights in the first place?
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