15 Fantastically Fun Thor-Inspired Crafts

Thor is arguably one of the most manly Avengers, so it seemed all to appropriate to celebrate the release of the new Thor movie with a roundup of something decidedly less manly –crafts. Here are some of the best crafts dedicated to our favorite Norse-god-turned-comic-book-hero.

My Little Thory

These days, anyone who is anyone in the pop culture world has inspired a My Little Pony version of themselves and Thor is no exception. Here is DeviantArt user EatToast’s take on Thor as a resident of Equestria.


Prefer your heroes in cephalopod form? Then you’ll certainly enjoy Etsy seller Lizzabella1’s octopus Thor plushie. An octopus growing a goatee might seem strange to you humans, but in Asgard, it’s a pretty common occurance.

Thor Who?

There are actually a few owl-versions-of-Thor crafts out there, but I’m a particularly big fan of Jill Tow’s owl Christmas ornament, not only because she also did other Avengers, but because she used his feathered helmet in such a clever and cute way.

The World’s Slowest Superhero

Apparently, people love seeing The Avengers imagined as different animals. As cute as Etsy seller Fallendesign’s amigurumi Thor snail is though, I have a hard time imagining him declaring war on anything other than a garden.

Miniature Amigurumi

There are plenty of crocheted plush Thors out there, but none of them come close to being as adorably small as this one, by DeviantArt user MightyStarGazer, that is only slightly bigger than a thimble.

The True Elder God

If you really want something different in your Thor amigurumi characters though, then perhaps you’ll enjoy this cute Thor/Cthulhu mashup by Craftster user Mutant Cat.

The Hair of A God

Of all the Thor plushies out there, SpookyPooky’s almost certainly has the most beautiful hair –which is quite fitting, given how beautiful and silky Thor’s mane is in the movies and comics.

The Thor Cube

If you ever wished you could have your favorite Avenger in a convenient, stackable shape, then you won’t want to miss DeviantArt user nezstorm’s adorable, felt Thor cube. The helmet is even removable, and she made a matching Loki one so the two can battle each other like a bunch of squares.

Cuddle With An Asgardian

Speaking of squares, this 16-bit quilt by Toni Smith is not only adorable, but it’s also a great way to snuggle with one of the hottest superheroes around…or at least, the 16-bit quilted equivalent of one.

Cake Topper

If you’re a bride-to-be who considers her future husband either a Norse god or her own personal superhero, then GenefyPlayground has you covered when it comes to wedding cake toppers. In this adorable Thor set, everyone’s favorite son of Odin is even dressed up for the occasion, though his cape and armor are still there in case Loki starts causing trouble at the wedding.

Baby Accessories

Is your baby just plain super? If so, you might want to head over to Etsy shop crochetherodesigns and grab these great Thor baby accessories (the set includes a hammer, helmet and diaper cover) so you can photograph your babe in a way that shows just how super he or she is.

Wrapped Up in Awesome

If your baby just won’t be content in only a diaper cover, then you might instead consider this baby outfit by Etsy seller Lilydotcrochet that features his iconic hat and a cocoon designed to look like Thor’s fabulous armor.

Dress Up For the Grown Ups

Of course, you shouldn’t let your baby have all the fun. When you’re ready to dress up like an Asgardian Prince, get in touch with DeviantArt user melibulsa, who previously made this great crochet Thor helmet on commission.

By the Might of Mjolnir

There is no symbol more representative of Thor than his mighty hammer, Mjolnir, and here it is in knitted form, thanks to Abigail M. Warner, who made this for a friend who is a big fan of The Avengers.

Hook It Up

For those who want to make their own Thor crafts while looking at his dreamy likeness, you might try crocheting with Etsy seller Lemonadeshop’s delightful crocheting hook that features Thor on the end.

I like to think that if Thor saw this, he’s proclaim, “I like this post! Another!” But since I’m not likely to write another, feel free to include links to any other Thor crafts you’ve seen and enjoyed in the comments.

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