13 Great Pieces of Haunted Mansion Fan Art

When Halloween rolls around, I can’t help but think of Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Of course, if you actually visit Disneyland this time of year, you’ll be treated to The Nightmare Before Christmas version, which is great, but still not the classic we’ve all come to love. So, since no one can enjoy the traditional version of this great attraction in person, we may as well enjoy it through art. While a few famous artists, like Shag, have been commissioned by Disney to create artwork based on the Haunted Mansion, the most heartfelt creations are those by fans with nothing but love to motivate them. Here are a few of our favorites:

Your New Ghost Hosts

Here’s a creation that does a great job branching between the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion with the original by imagining Jack and Sally dressed up in the iconic ensembles worn by the ride’s cast members. Artist Brianna Garcia also did a great job illustrating the famous bride from the Haunted Mansion in this piece.

Happy Haunts Materialize

Adam Taula’s take on the Haunted Mansion is quite refreshing. It not only just shows the exterior of the building, but it also illustrates just how creepy the building itself is.

A Villainous Turn of Events

There are a whole lot of fan tributes to the stretching portraits and a lot of them are good, so you’ll just have to excuse the number of them in this article. With that in mind, it’s hard not to love seeing DeviantArt user smallvillereject’s version with some of the many classic Disney villains. Humorously, Madame Medusa’s positive relationship with her pet alligators makes the tightrope portrait take on a whole new vibe.

Is Toy Story Actually Stretching?

Similarly, I don’t think Jesse has much to worry about as long as Rex is the only “monster” under her tightrope. And this time, Hamm is pretty much OK as well, considering a barrel of monkeys isn’t exactly as dangerous as dynamite. If Woody weren’t dead in this scenario, Chris Raimo’s Toy Story mashup wouldn’t even be all that spooky.

Wall-To-Wall Creeps of Gotham

If Disney ever partnered with DC to create a Batman-themed Haunted Mansion (I know, they now own Marvel, so this would never actually happen), I do believe the stretching portraits would look almost exactly the way Abraham Lopez envisioned them here. I particularly love that Batgirl, Nightwing and Batman are melting not into mud, but into Clayface.

The Game of Death

Of all the Haunted Mansion portrait mashups, gamers and anime fans will no doubt prefer this one by DeviantArt user GenkiGoth with Zelda, the gang from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Princess Peach with Bowser. As for the man on the barrel, don’t feel bad if you don’t recognize him…it’s actually the artist’s husband, Dee Jay, who asked if she would include him in the portraits.

Send Us A Message From Somewhere Beyond

My favorite visual in the Haunted Mansion has always been the tightrope walking girl, and based on the amount of fan art and cosplay based on her, I’m certainly not alone. This adorable take on the painting was created by DeviantArt user KatisMrsLovett as part of a contest by Brian Kesinger to incorporate his characters, Otto and Victoria, in a unique fan art creation. KatisMrsLovett has actually created quite a few Disney-inspired delights and her mashup between the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribean is certainly worth a view as well.

In Her Corruptible, Mortal State

Here’s a stretching portrait mashup after John’s heart –a My Little Pony one. This gravesite portrait featuring Rarity sitting on Blueblood’s tombstone isn’t the only My Little Pony/Haunted Mansion mashup DeviantArt user icaron created either. In fact, she actually did each of the stretching portraits with different ponies and a take on Madame Leota featuring Princess Luna.

We’ve Been Dying to Have You

The Haunted Mansion was never so cute until Katie Cook decided to create a birthday card for one of her friends. She not only featured the popular tightrope stretching portrait in her creation, but also the legendary Hatbox Ghost, who we have written about previously.

Beware of Hitchhiking Muppets

For those with a soft spot for the three hitchhiking ghosts, there is also plenty of fan art out there featuring these great characters. I’m a big fan of this one by Danny Beckwith that switches out the Muppets for the ghosts. He also created a few other great Muppets Haunted Mansion pieces featuring Piggy and Kermit as the Hatbox Ghost and the Bride and Beaker as the grave digger beside singing statues of Jim Henson and other famous Muppeteers.

Grim Grinning Cuddles

If you always wished you could take home your hitchhiking ghost to cuddle with them through the night, then you’ll certainly appreciate DeviantArtist Maurri’s plush versions of these Grim Grinning Ghosts. She also created a plush version of Madame Leota in a cozy crystal ball.

999 Happy Haunts

Few Haunted Mansion art pieces capture the full spectrum of the ride’s attraction as well as this delightful creation by Brian Kesinger that features the bride, Madame Leota, dancing ghosts, singing busts and more.

Tick Tock Goes the Clock

If you love the Haunted Mansion, but wish you could celebrate that attraction with something more tangible than a painting, then you’ll love DeviantArt user Kam3153’s scale-sized replica of the 13-hour clock inside the ride.

I don’t know about you guys, but this article has me just dying to go on the ride again. In the meanwhile, I guess we can satisfy our cravings with some fun Haunted Mansion trivia.

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