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What Is It? game 298

Now it's time for our collaboration with the awesome What Is It? Blog! What is this thing? You don't have to know to win!

Place your guess in the comment section below. One guess per comment, please, though you can enter as many as you'd like. You might know the true answer, but we're going to select two winners who come up with the funniest, most outlandish guesses to win a T-shirt from the NeatoShop. However...

Please write your T-shirt selection alongside your guess. If you don't include a selection, you forfeit the prize, okay? May we suggest the Science T-Shirt, Funny T-Shirt and Artist-Designed T-Shirts?

Check out more pictures of this thing at the What Is It? Blog. Good luck!

Update: the mystery item is a bread slicer. Using a knife and this device you can make a 1/2" thick slice of bread into two 1/4" thick slices. Why you would ever want to do that is beyond me. But we were looking for funny answers and we got them!

Carlos Pfister had a funny one: "Thats a Decepticon Pop Tart. It transforms into a mean little bastard." Another good one came from mowog, who said: "It's a cheese 'Swisser.' Insert cheap, plain white cheese, puncture - PROFIT!" Both win a t-shirt from the NeatoShop for those answers! See the answers to all of this week's mystery objects at the What Is It? blog.

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It's an antique Connect 4 game. The game pieces, usually hand-carved of old carrots and other bright root vegetables, have sadly been lost to time and decomposition (and bunnies).

Slayers! M
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The first cheese grater used by Papa John's Pizza, which doubled as a torture device for underperforming employees. Its use was discontinued after complaints of finding bits of skin on a veggie pizza.
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Aerosol cheese can loader. Open loader, place block of cheese, squeeze shut, collect strands of cheese, glue ends together to form one continuous strand, coil and place in can, seal and pressurize. Enjoy :)

Legendary Major League, medium
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Bene Gesserits Reverend Mother Mohiam's nerve induction device ("the box") that causes the sensation of intense pain (first mechanical prototype).
In Dune, Paul Atreides was tested with the more elaborate device.

Never Grow Up 2xl ladie's fit black
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It's an old style worm hotel. It gave the North Koreans their model for the Ryugyong Hotel (until they changed it in 2009).

When Worlds Collide, black, ladies XL
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Its a Cheese De-Grater. You insert grated cheese into the holes and opened it by pulling the top handgrips apart and presto, whole cheese. Never caught on though, inventor committed suicide.

T-Shirt, Don't Blink, Grey Med
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It's a fax machine template from telegraph days. A document was inserted between the perforated plates, and then a stream of dots and dashes was transmitted in which a dark perforation was indicated by a "dot" and a white perforation was indicated by a "dash". The receiving station would then use a pencil to poke a hole through paper in the designated perforations of the plates, creating a 'negative' and very low-resolution image of the original document.
"There's No Place Like" XL
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It's a Percy Pendleton's Premium Polka-Dotter (patent pending). One simply opens the device, puts in the polyester, percale, or poplin one is partial to, and proceeds to place the preferred pigment into the provided perforations!

Splatted Mask medium in black
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That is a "Slice a Slice" a bread slice slicer. You put the bread slice in the middle and run a knife down the sides.

Giraffe Hammock in medium, if you please.
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It is a beehive training module. With the great bee colony die off, apiary scientists have developed an educational system to train bees to create new honey comb arrays.
Thesarus xl
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It was found that medieval knights were faced with infertility, until they embraced the new ventilation system insert for their armour. Diagonal in parallel world shirt, xl
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Safety system to alleviate any passing of gas while wearing a suit of armour in order to prevent "dutch ovening" thy self and consequently passing out in battle.

Diagonal in parallel world shirt, xl Navy
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