Cat Solves Doorknob Problem

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Matt Hirst couldn't figure out how his pets Dexter and Gizmo were escaping the kitchen while he was at work, so he set up a camera to spy on them. If you are in a hurry, skip to about 1:30. There, you'll see the cat use both paws to turn the doorknob!

When this breakthrough spreads to other cats, we're all in trouble. It will certainly mean my winter heating bill will soar, because cats only care about opening doors. They couldn't care less about being able to close one! Note to self: never position the cat tree near a doorknob.  -via Arbroath

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Oh dear! I can see my cat figuring out that one day. Luckily *touch wood* all my doorknobs are much higher than he can reach.

I have found him sitting on the laundry basket trying to turn the key to the cupboard where the food is stored and trying to figure out how to open & close the cat carrier. Not to mention that he's figured out how to open the windows if they're not fully latched, and he's more than happy to go through the window screens if they don't pop out when he gives them a shove. Worst of all, he's not even slightly ashamed when I catch him in the act.
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I love it! The cat jumps up & looks to make sure he/she isn't being watched. The dog sits patiently PRAYING the cat can solve the problem. The cat keeps an eye on the dog... not sure if he/she's going along with the escape or planning on intervening. As soon as the door is open, the cat sits & lets the dopey dog walk out first.... just in case there's trouble on the other side. After waiting a bit & NOT hearing the dog being eaten by monsters, the cat figures it's safe to escape. LOL

Wonderful video. Wonderful pets.
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