Boy Scout Leaders Topple Ancient Rock Formation

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Three men face potential felony charges after they filmed themselves turning over a rock formation in Utah's Goblin Valley State Park. They posted a video of the incident on Facebook, in which the rock is pushed off its pedestal, and the men high-five each other. The men are unnamed in the story, but are tagged on Facebook as  Dave Hall, Glenn Taylor and Dylan Taylor. They talk about how they saved some child from potentially being hurt by the precariously-balanced rock. Utah state park officials say there will be consequences for their actions. A criminal investigation is underway. -via Viral Viral Videos

"I didn’t have to push hard"... Looking at that video, it sure wasn't a feather touch. Quite a bit of exertion, I'd say.
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Make an example of these idiots. And I hope they lose their positions as Boy Scout leaders. They're immature imbeciles of the highest order.
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"The men are unnamed in the story..." It's being overly generous to refer to this bunch of vandals as "men." They should remain unnamed. If this is their only claim to "fame" then they should be condemned to complete obscurity for all eternity. Perhaps, Youtube should take down the video to prevent them from ever achieving anything remotely approaching "fame."
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I'm sorry, but if I'm reading correctly you're all for jailing people... because they modified ROCK FORMATIONS?!?!?!

Wait, let me say that again, just to make sure I'm understanding this correctly.

You want PEOPLE, to be jailed, over doing something to ROCKS?

Sure, it's a bit childish, but, JAILING? Criminal Activity?

Shit, I better not move any sand while I'm walking in the desert! I might get charged with blood and murder!
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I would definitely not put a human in jail over that, fine them and make em fix what they broke? Sure, jail em or put a criminal record on their head? Hell no, I'll leave that to murderers and thieves thank you.
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I don't know about jail but they need to be banned from the Scouts that's for sure. The violated a major rule of Scouting and in doing so set a horrible example for their young charges . . .
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take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints. kick them out of scouts, fine them for destroying part of a national park. don't waste money on jailing them.
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Obviously the "It's all about saving lives" bit is sarcasm. Nothing in the video appeared to indicate they were really Boy Scout leaders. Just three brainless hicks. If they are in the Scouts - wow.
It would be very difficult to fix that formation. Sure, you can put it back in place, but is it going to hold without help, like cement? What's the point, then?
As for the "these aren't men" comments, yes they are men. Emotionally stunted and immature? Maybe. Unable top appreciate real beauty without wanting to somehow leave their mark? Maybe.
Give them the highest fine possible under the law. Jail time would be silly. They won't learn.
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