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Five quickie facts about playtpus:

1. Yes, the platypus is weird. As any grade schooler can tell you, it's one of three mammals that lay eggs (the other two are two species of echidnas. See also: 5 Fascinating Facts About Echidna)

2. Platypus is venomous. The male platypus has a venom spur in its ankles.

3. It can sense electrical fields. The platypus has electroreceptors in its bill that let it sense electrical fields that is useful to detect electrical currents generated by the muscle contractions of its prey.

4. There's no agreed plural of platypus in the English language. Is it platypuses? Platypi? Platypodes? Or just plain platypus. There's also no collective noun for platypus, and there hasn't been a need for one because platypus is a solitary animal. However, should the need arise, the Australian Platypus Conservancy - an authority on all things platypus as far as we're concerned, suggests a "paddle" of platypus.

5. A baby platypus is called a puggle (like what we call a baby echidna). And it looks ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE in fedoras! Two junior Agent Ps reporting for duty! (Yes, I know it's photoshopped ... but did you know it's a reference to this popular cartoon character?)

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