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Website Translation Options

Mr. Lovenstein explains why websites offer multiple translations in the same language.

I'd find it handy if websites came in Texan English in addition to, you know, foreign English. But that service is rarely available.



With the "67" thing I think he's trying to suggest that people in the UK will talk a load of (to foreigners) incomprehensible bollocks, then conclude with "and Bob's your uncle" as if that makes everything hunky-dory. He forgets that the whole phrase is "Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt", and that "fanny" in the UK means something entirely different than it does in the US (as a kid, when I first heard the phrase, "sit on your big, fat fanny", I nearly died of shock and laughter).

As for "Texan English": shoot 'em, and when you can't shoot 'em, hang 'em, then hang 'em again and when you can't hang 'em or otherwise pretend to have a criminal justice system worthy of the name, and you've already tried to sue them for messin with Texas, claim "Houston" was the first word said on the moon, all the while not knowing that it actually refers to this place:,_Renfrewshire
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Note to self: don't come home from the pub at 2 in the morning and start replying to articles in Neatorama because then everybody will think that people from the UK do talk a load of incomprehensible bollocks. Apologies.
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