How Geeky Are You?

This little quiz from Us vs Th3m, the folks who made the grammar nazi quiz, aims to measure your geekiness. The questions are all tech, no fandom. You are supposed to honestly answer the first thought you have at seeing certain words. I scored so low because "the first thing that popped into my head" was the definitions of these words when I was younger. Sure, I know the geeky modern answer, too. And I have issues with the description of my non-geekiness. I do not own a smart phone, and I do not download apps. I also do not own Microsoft Word. What I really am is a Luddite, compared to most people on the internet. On the other hand, if you ask people in my meatspace life, they'd say I am a tech-savvy geek. However, as this quiz is designed for younger people, it may have more relevance for you. Link -via the Presurfer

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I hate when people use geek as a synonym for techie. There are serious TV geeks that have still never touched a computer in their life. Is it that hard to write "computer geek" in their quiz title?
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I got 61% - You’re a bit of a plugged-in, music-streaming, cloud-syncing techie. Maybe you even recompiled a kernel once and actually knew what it meant. Or maybe when things get tricky you bluff a little.

Obviously I must bluff a little, because I don't even know the techie answers to a lot of those questions.
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