14 Great Geek Bouquets And Boutonnieres

We cover a lot of geeky wedding stuff on Neatorama, but if you just can’t get enough nerdy wedding pictures (whether or not you’re in the midst of planning a wedding), here are some fantastic bouquets and boutonnieres perfect for any geeks ready to join together in matrimony.

Angry Birds

Etsy seller RBKCreations makes all kinds of awesome custom wedding bouquets and boutonnieres. This Angry Birds bouquet would be perfect for throwing to a crowd, but it would be even better if the bride used a slingshot for the bouquet toss.


If you really want to do something creative with your bouquets, RBKCreations will even custom make a themed wedding bouquet just for you. Here is a sample from one custom order she made, with a Muppets theme. Personally though, if I were the bride, I’d be bummed I didn’t get any characters on my bouquet.


RBKCreations also makes these adorable Mario-inspired wedding bouquets with felt fire flowers and button-adorned mushrooms. She even makes matching bridesmaids bouquets and fire flower boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen.

Super Mario Galaxy

If you’re going to be married inside of a hobby and gaming store with a TARDIS as your altar, you’d better have a few other great geeky touches to your wedding as well. Fortunately, Laura and Calvin lived up to their self-proclaimed nerdom, incorporating lines from The Princess Bride into their vows, serving up Mario cupcakes for dessert and using a bouquet inspired by Super Mario Galaxy, complete with hovering stars and mushrooms.

Fire Flowers and Minifigs

Sarah and Chris geeked out their wedding with homemade fire flower bouquets and boutonnieres built with custom-made Lego Minifigs –Chris’ appears to be a tiny little He-Man. The groomsmen then completed their geektastic look with some sweet 8-bit ties.

Princess Peach

What character would better suit a gamer wedding with bright pink bouquets than Princess Peach? As if her tiny figure popping out of the bride’s flowers weren’t cute enough, the boutonnieres also featured a Mario character –little toad hiding behind a flower. Anna and Jonny’s wedding featured a variety of other adorable gaming touches as well, including guest gift boxes that look like puzzle boxes and centerpieces coming out of old NES cartridges.

My Bouquet Lollipop

Love candy almost as much as you love your sweetheart? Then this lollipop wedding bouquet would be perfect for ceremony, just as it was perfect for Melanie and Justin.

Now That’s Sweet

If you have such a sweet tooth that only three swirly lollipops in a bouquet seems like too few, then you’d certainly enjoy Julia’s bouquet that features nothing but lollipops and giant jawbreakers. The entire thing is so adorable that it’s easy to imagine Vanellope Von Schweetz of Wreck It Ralph carrying at her wedding –but let’s just hope she didn’t toss this heavy bouquet at a flock of single girls.

Maximum Geekdom Go

Flickr user ElsaWolf’s bouquet incorporates three distinct areas of geek culture –Doctor Who fandom, steampunk and a love of literature, specifically Sherlock Holmes. The bottom of the bouquet features a sonic screwdriver wrapped in copper wire to add a touch of steampunk flair and the flowers are made from pages torn from Sherlock Holmes stories.

Want to make your own paper roses out of a book that has particular meaning to you or your partner? Well, 100 Layer Cake has a fantastic how to guide to putting together your own bookish bouquet.

Avengers Assemble

This Avengers boutonniere is perfect for any grooms who happen to love comics. Best of all, each groomsman gets to choose the Avenger he likes the most –and while Offbeat Bride writer Jamie’s husband chose The Avengers, you could easily take inspiration from this and select your own favorite super hero team.

Nightwing and Batgirl

Laura and Seth wanted to save money on their wedding, so they opted to make the bouquet and boutonnieres themselves. As it turns out, this probably worked out for the best because the resulting bouquet and boutonnieres, made from the pages of comic books, perfectly suited their Nightwing and Batgirl themed wedding.


Whether you are a lepidopterologist (someone who studies butterflies), a collector of butterflies or just think they’re pretty, this butterfly bouquet by Martha Stewart is an amazingly cute and unique DIY bouquet alternative.


Even a traditional bouquet can easily be geeked up with the addition of a few Scrabble tiles. Just look at how beautiful and delightful Amanda and Nick’s “Love” Scrabble bouquet ended up.


Etsy seller CraftingbyKnight’s map bouquet is perfect for any cartologists out there, or just for anyone who plans to travel quite a bit after the reception is over. Best of all, since she custom makes the bouquets, you could specifically request map pages that have special meaning to you –for example, the city where you and your partner met, the places you both grew up, where you hope to move, where you are honeymooning, etc.

I’ve always wanted a semi-gothic red wedding dress with a red and black matching bouquet at my own wedding, but after writing this, I think I might want red gerbera daisies (my favorite flowers) with some black bats floating above them like the stars above the Mario Galaxy bouquet. What about you guys, if you could get any geek bouquet or boutonniere for your dream wedding, what would it look like?

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