Forget Snow Days This School Is Closed for Sun Day

We have all heard about snow days, but have you ever heard about a sun day? In the beautiful, but rainy state of Washington a spring day filled with sunshine is something to truly celebrate. 

The Bellingham Christian School in Bellgham, Washington has canceling school on May 2, 2013 because exceptionally nice weather is forecasted for the area. 

To celebrate an exceptionally nice day of the spring season, to promote positive school culture and just for fun, Bellingham Christian School has decided to cancel school due to good weather. 

Typically we cancel school for bad weather, so why not have some fun and cancel school due to fabulous weather?  For us Washingtonians, it’s just as significant we figure.  Our student body and staff are looking forward to a nice day to bask and play in the spring sun, which may end up happening May 2nd, and if not then we will hope for May 3rd.  We encourage the students to get outside and play.

If you believe the weather man, it's supposed to be a lovely 70 degrees and sunny in Bellingham. 

Brett Cihon of Q13Fox has more: Link

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I grew up on the Washington coast with what seemed like near constant marine layer of clouds and too much rain. We never got any 'sun' days with school cancelled. Sure would have been nice to have when the sun did show. Now I live further inland and when people around here complain about the rain I tell them it's nothing compared to the coast.
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In the State of Washington, you are eligible to write your own "Tardy" and "Absent School" notes when you turn 18. I was never given an unexcused absence, and was taking plenty of Sun days, from when I turned 18 until I graduated in June.

Our school was so poor, that when they finally succeeded in getting funding from a levy for a new library building, they had no money to buy books for it. NO BOOKS. They then blew tons of money in a lawsuit that went to the Supreme Court concerning a speech made by a student loaded with sly wit: The speech contained these sentences: "I know a man who is firm – he's firm in his pants, he's firm in his shirt, his character is firm – but most...of all, his belief in you, the students of (this school), is firm. Jess is a man who will go to the very end – even the climax, for each and every one of you."

I bet the school district could have bought a few books with the money the spent on lawyers. I remember they used to have special performances and programs scheduled on the days the attendance figures affected how much funding they could get from the Feds, so all the self exiled would show up and be counted as "in attendance", rather than out.

Administration run amok, the lesson I learned from four years in that hell hole.
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