Star Wars Will Be Translated into Navajo

For the first time, a Star Wars movie will be available in a Native American language. The Navajo Nation Museum and Lucasfilm are working together to dub Episode IV into Dine, the language of the Navajo people:

The script already is translated though words like light saber took a little more thought and actors and actresses will be expected to be fluent in Din and be able to act.

Actors and actresses chosen for the parts including Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Han Solo, C-3P0, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Grand Moff Tarkin will record their parts in a studio owned by Knifewing Productions in Gallup.

Yoda's syntax, how they translate will, wonder I.

Link -via Smart News | Image: Disney

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As someone who lives in New Mexico and hears Navajo spoken daily, I think this is a great idea! (I'm a white, English-speaking girl from the mid-west who has lived here for 20 years)
It seems as though some of you guys think Navajo is a really obscure language...but it's the most widely spoken of the North American Native languages!
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The Japanese were allied with Italy and a country that concurred Poland. The Navajo were chosen not only for their obscure language but because of their patriotism. As well, they did speak in code so that even if the language was understood, the message still needed decoding.
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You'd probably be able to find at least a few Polish or Italian speakers in Japan during World War II. I suspect that it would be harder to find a Navajo speaker in Japan at that time.
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