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Vaguely Rude Place Names Of The World

From Shag Point, New Zealand, to Humptulips, Washington state, this map fills you in on rude-sounding place names. Quite a few of them are due to language differences, and others are due to the changing meanings of words over time. Still fun to know! I personally think Newfoundland and Nova Scotia are under-represented, considering the many great place names in those provinces. Click on a flag at the link to bring up information on each place. May be NSFW. Link -via b3ta

Oh, this map has completely forgotten the Holy grail of rude and akward place names; Finland.

from this list:

Ala-Lemu = Down stink
Ala-Mulkku = Lower dick
Hevonperse = Horse ass
Hevonvittu = Horse's pussy
Hiljaisten miesten laakso = The valley of the quiet men
Homeperseensuo = Mold ass swamp
Isomulkku = Big dick
Jalanluiskahtamavaara = Slipping foot hill
Keskimulkku = Middle dick
Kissanpiiskaajankuja = Cat whipper alley
Kivesjärvi = Testicle lake
Kiveskylä = Testicle village
Kiveslahti = Testicle bay
Kivesvaara = Testicle hill(mountain)
Koirankyrpäoja = Dog dick ditch
Koiransellaisenoja = Dog "it" ditch (could also be translated as Dog "you know what I mean" ditch)
Kristiinanpillu = Kristiina's pussy (was a name of local fountain...)
Pallivaha = "ball" wax
Paska-avenue = Shit avenue (locals named it like this because the road started from waste treatment plant)
Perseavenue = Ass avenue
Peräsuolijoki = Rectum river/Rectum intestine river
Viheltävän vitun aapa = The swamp of the whistling pussy
Vitunviruttama-aapa = The swamp that has been soaked wet by pyssy (difficult to translate beacause of the synonyms of word "viruttama/viruttaa", but I chose the funniest for you :) )
Äteritsiputeritsipuolilautatsijänkä = Impossible to translate(dunno, if even the locals know what it really means?), name of a local bar/swamp area at lapland, see:
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This map is great but it takes all the fun out of those, "I once knew a girl from Nantucket" limericks.

Back in grade school, our teacher had to hide the "J" encyclopedia from us because we sat around laughing at the map of Japan with Fukuoka, Fukahoma etc
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