Cabel writes about a phenomena that you've probably noticed at one time or another. See, if trash doesn't hit the ground, it's not littering …at least in some people's minds. So the discarded paper cup or wrapper or bottle gets stuck in some space above ground or in receptacles that aren't trash cans.

Now, I can understand how generalized holes — containers, street light bases, flower pots — become makeshift trashcans. Even if they’re obviously in no way trashcans, and likely will never be emptied or cleaned by any human being on earth, and in most cases there’s a real trashcan mere feet away, they at least share a vague similarity to the raw concept of a trashcan.

He calls these workarounds "litter plugs," and you can see a photographic collection of trashy yet oddly ingenious litterplugs at his blog. Link -via Boing Boing

I equate this kind of littering with those who go through the motions of picking up after their dog, but then tie a knot in the poop bag and leave it on the curb or on the sidewalk in front of someone else's house. A half-assed minimalist attempt at taking responsibility as a member of a 'throw-away' society.
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People are dirty lazy pigs in general. This is about the same as buttholes that can't walk an extra few feet to put their shopping cart up so leave it in a parking spot.
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