Mmmmm...Bacon Caramel Fudge

If you like fudge, smokey meats and salted caramel then you'll love this caramel, bacon fudge -I say "salted caramel" because you know the bacon will add a nice salty flavor to the concoction.

While Jules Food doesn't have a recipe, that's only becase they say it is too easy to need one. They do have advice to make your own though.


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Bacon is made from tortured, sad pigs deprived of all that makes for a happy life. Pigs are intelligent, even more intelligent and fun loving than dogs! They can recognize themselves in a mirror and can even play videogames.... yet they are raised in horribly cruel factory farms deprived of any comfort or peace or even the ability to move around...Please google Mercy For Animals and see for yourself the undercover video taken at factory farms. It will shock and horrify you :(
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Actually, there are plenty of bacon milkshakes -Slaters 50/50 is one of the places who has one. And there are bacon crutons or you can have bacon cheeseburger buns from Slaters. I don't know about the deodorant though, you might be onto something there.
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you honestly have to try it....just bacon alone sprinkled on top of ice cream with chocolate sauce is amazing, taste like nuts on top,sorta....As Yo Gabba Gabba says..."Try it you'll like it!"
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