Adorable Photos and Videos of Critters and Kiddos Enjoying Fall Foliage

You’ve heard of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, but for those who like cute things, this is by far more fun! It’s time for Neatorama’s Leaves of Squee.


This might just be the best picture ever taken of a dog enjoying fall. Just look at the joy on Tyler’s face.

Image via Jesse Glick [Flickr]

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This is what they call leaf swimming. Note the dive and submerge technique Honey uses to try to find the ball. I’m impressed she can manage to find it every time.

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The best thing about this video is the way the four month-old pup manages to stay buried under the leaves so long before popping her adorable little head out.

Edward here is a very brave dog and he refuses to take any chances when it comes to protecting his family. That’s why he has to keep jumping into the trashcan full of leaves –he must kill the evil enemy hiding at the bottom of the bucket.

Images via [Flickr]

When a dog can pose this well when he’s only a week old, you know he’s destined for greatness. Winston, I look forward to seeing you in the movies.

Image via Jessie San [Flickr]

Hey little guy, I think you have something on your face. No, never mind, you got it.

Image via by Joe Dyer [Flickr]

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Sometimes frolicking in leaf piles is too much work, even walking can be taxing. Fortunately, foliage makes great ground cover for those who enjoy a good slide through the park like this lovely, lazy lab.

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With pups like Miley and Howie constantly getting in the way, I’m amazed this guy was able to pile up this many leaves in the first place.

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Not all dogs like to play in leaf piles –some like to make their own, like Jess here, who loves raking up the fallen foliage. She might not be the best gardener in the world, but she might just be the cutest.


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Dogs aren’t the only ones who think leaves make great places to relax and play. In fact, Asia looks just as cute and happy diving in and out of a leaf pile as just about any stinky old pup could.

Jake and Elwood just aren’t sure about all these weird things that crunch under their feet, but they’re certainly willing to explore these strange new surroundings.

Image via throwingbull [Flickr]


While Andrew seems to think that playing in the leaves is the greatest thing on Earth, Alex looks like he needs a little more convincing.

Image via Michael Bentley [Flickr]

While youngsters tend to be content with laying in the leaves and maybe throwing them in the air, older kids tend to enjoy the feeling of flying through the air before smashing into a pile of soft foliage.

Image via lecates [Flickr]

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Even as an adult though, I have to say that getting thrown into the pile seems even more fun than jumping in and if the laughter from these two is any indicator, it really is the best way to have fun with a pile of leaves.

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While his landing is a little rough and he almost goes too far, the idea of putting a leaf pile at the end of a slide is certainly a smart way to play with your foliage. Of course, the little guy seems quite happy to sit on the sidelines and throw leaves in the air while his brother performs all the daredevil moves.

Most of us have buried someone in the sand before, but burying them in the leaves is an entirely different experience.

Image via erkillian5 [Flickr]

Other Critters

(Video Link)

I never would have thought of letting ferrets play in leaf piles (in part because I’d worry that they’d run away and never return), but apparently, they seem to enjoy the experience quite a bit –or at least, Raja and Buttons do.

There were at least three ferrets in this leaf pile, but as the photographer points out, capturing them on camera is somewhat difficult.

Image via Andrew Kurjata [Flickr]

(Video Link)

Squirrels get enough leaves in the wild, so they won’t usually play around in a big pile of them just for fun –but if you hide a few nuts in your leaf pile, that’s a different story altogether.

Group Shots

Max and Noah were having a blast trying to bury Einstein in the leaves, even if their efforts were fruitless because he just kept shaking off the foliage.

Image via Mark Scholl [Flickr]

Just look at the love between Buscuit and Atticus. I’m sure these two could have a great time playing just about anywhere –although the leaves undoubtedly made for a great time that particular day.

Image via popofatticus [Flickr]

Gatsby is simply fascinated by the leaf that Taylor is holding and they’re both so into the Fall fun that no one even seemed to notice when Loki photobombed the shot.

Image via Coulter Sunderman [Flickr]

(Video Link)

Golden retrievers love to play fetch, even when the things being fetched are kids hiding in a leaf pile and Gunnar seems to be doing one heck of a job diving in this pile to help retrieve his best friends.

(Video Link)

Little Eli can barely walk and tiny Ralphie can barely make it off the porch, but with the help of Rudy and a few adults, the whole group seems to have a wonderful time playing outside on a brisk Thanksgiving afternoon. Of all the cute videos in this article, this one is by far my favorite.

Do any of you happen to have critters or kiddos that enjoy fall-time leaf fun? If you do, and you happen to have photos or videos of them, share them in the comments. Personally, I don’t think my dog has ever even seen a giant leaf pile, being as how we live in San Diego and barely even have seasons.

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