Stories and Photos From A Variety of Halloween Weddings

There are plenty of Halloween weddings these days, but it’s one thing to incorporate a few elements of the holiday into your celebration and an entirely different matter from painstakingly ensuring that every aspect fits in with the creepy theme. Here are a few Halloween weddings that really go the extra mile to set the mood.

Jaclyn and Matt

Jaclyn and Matt Cooper not only dressed like a gorgeous ghoul and Freddy Krueger, they also entered the ceremony in style, emerging from coffins.

Of course, you can’t just dress like that and then put the groomsmen in their Sunday best. So instead, these wedding partiers all went as some of the other famous movie monsters we’ve grown to love.

Naturally, the cakes also went along with the horrific theme and as if a spider web and skeleton couple didn’t make the main cake spooky enough, the groom’s cake was a spider-covered casket.

For those arachnophobes who were too afraid to touch the spider-covered cakes, there was always the adorable and appropriately-colored dessert table to munch from instead.

All images from Jaclyn and Matt’s wedding courtesy of Andrew Vicar’s Flickr stream.

Tina and Rob

Tina and Rob both work at the Ohio haunted house called 7 Floors of Hell. In fact, it’s even where they met, so the haunt’s graveyard couldn’t be a more fitting place for the couple to tie the knot.

While usually the bride is the one who makes the grand entrance, this time the groom did when he was carried to the altar in a coffin by six pallbearers.

The groom’s entrance wasn’t the only place where a coffin was used. There was also one filled with a fake body on the guest book table.

While the cake itself wasn’t too dark –a white tiered confection covered in lovely black swirls, the cake topper featured two skeletons embraced next to a sign that reads “Love never dies.” Now that’s romantic.

Images courtesy of Offbeat Wedding’s Flickr stream, while the story comes courtesy of Offbeat Bride.

Keri and Rick

Sometimes Halloween weddings can come across as cheap and tacky (not any of the ones seen here, of course), but Keri and Rick’s elegant, soiree certainly couldn’t be described as anything of the sort. The event, which took inspiration from Phantom of the Opera and traditional vampire movies, was adorned with candelabra, trees lit with strings of lights and weeping angel statues.

Rather than costumes, the wedding party and their guests wore lovely costume ball masks.

The bride and groom looked particularly dark and romantically mysterious in their formal attire and silver masks.

At the reception, guests were served Vampire wine and pumpkin martinis.

Seating arrangements were announced with the help of plastic vampire teeth that had been spray painted silver.

In place of a guest book, the couple asked everyone to sign a white ceramic jack-o-lantern.

Images courtesy of Palm Beach Photography. Story courtesy of Offbeat Bride.

Jennifer and Bryan

Jennifer and Bryan had a fairly traditional wedding ceremony, complete with a white gown and red rose bouquet, but when the reception started, that’s when the Halloween fun began. While the bride and groom’s post-wedding attire didn’t go too far into the creepy side of Halloween, they certainly enjoyed the costume aspect of the holiday –as the entire wedding party dressed in custom made superhero costumes for the reception.

Guests were encouraged to come to the reception in costume, but for those that neglected to dress up ahead of time, had the option of taking advantage of a costume table filled with masks of all kinds.

There were some spooky touches at the reception -a skull and horror movies were projected on the wall during the reception.

Also, the cocktail jars were covered in biohazard stickers and filled with eye ball garnishes.

For snacks, there was a whole table of tasty candy treats decorated in a delightfully spooky motif.

If the candies weren’t enough to satiate guest’s sweet teeth, there was also a zombie-themed wedding cake that the bride and groom appropriately cut with a machete.

Images courtesy of Ohana Photography. Story courtesy of Offbeat Bride.

Matt and Jessie

Matt and Jessie Haze were married by a zombie priest and Jessie wore an absolutely stunning all black dress.

And while you can’t tell in the photo of the ceremony, the wedding stage was adorned in jack-o-lanterns who were expressing all kinds of emotions over the wedding to come.

Then, instead of lighting a unity candle like many couples do during the ceremony, the couple lit the one dark jack-o-lantern together -a unity-o-lantern.

Sometimes parents of those celebrating with non-traditional weddings aren’t too happy about the ceremonies, but in this case, the bride’s father looks like he couldn’t be happier for his daughter’s dark ceremony.

Like most couples who get married on Halloween, the couple celebrated with an appropriately macabre cake –this one featuring the couple in the style of Frankenstein’s monsters and adorned with a few frosting webs.

The wedding photos taken in front of this old gothic church are an appropriately creepy way to remember this ghoulish wedding.

All images of Matt and Jessie’s wedding are courtesy of Jessie’s Flickr stream.

Rachel and Tom

Rachel and Tom had a small budget for their wedding since they just bought a house. Fortunately, they are both quite good at stretching a dollar, so everything about their backyard DIY wedding looked simply amazing –especially the red and black bridal gown adorned with skulls.

A few plastic bones and other Halloween props helped set the mood at the buffet table.

While floating foam eyeballs really spruced up the look of the blood red sangria.

To help save money, the couple bought a fairly small wedding cake and a cupcake bar where guests could decorate their own sweet treats. Small or not though, this dripping cake adorned with a skeletal bride and groom look great –especially given the season.

Images were taken by Stephanie Gold and courtesy of Flickr user Purity21 99. Story courtesy of Offbeat Bride.

Kelly and Justin

Kelly and Justin both love Halloween, so for their wedding, they decided to have a massive two day celebration. The first day was when the semi-traditional wedding took place, but the reception was when the Halloween madness really kicked on –even Jack, the Pumpkin King, showed up to celebrate.

While the bride and groom wore traditional attire at the actual ceremony, the decision to separate the ceremony from the reception gave them the opportunity to sport Day of the Dead make up during their Halloween reception party.

In lieu of cake, the couple had a buffet of sweets featuring cupcakes, caramel apples and candy, but they still found space for a cute “cake topper” in the middle of the caramel apple area.

Perhaps the most unique offering at the wedding though was the ceremonial homebrew adorned with the date of the wedding and a picture of a skeleton couple lovingly holding hands.

Images courtesy of Kelly Essenpreis’ Flickr stream. Story courtesy of Offbeat Bride.

So now it’s your turn. Have any of you ever been to a Halloween wedding, or better yet, had one for yourself? If so, do you have any good stories, suggestions, ideas or warnings for those hoping to tie the knot during the spookiest time of the year?

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That is awesome. Looks like they had a lot of fun. Wish someone would actually dress up as a "Bridezilla" for her wedding and crush a tiny town. Mmmm. Maybe I'll do that for a Halloween costume next year. Thanks for sharing.
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