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Hello Kitty Hello Art!

Update: Congratulations to user TeamHubble for being selected from our random drawing and receiving a free copy of the book! Thanks to all that participated!

by Shepard Fairey: Untitled

Nothing tastes more like iconography than Hello Kitty. The character has been printed and copied over generations through culture, pop art, graphic design, toys and pretty much any other way imaginable. Conceived by the Japanese company Sanrio, Hello Kitty first appeared in 1974 and made its American debut in 1976. Together with Sanrio, Roger Gastman has compiled a collection of some of the most beloved works of Hello Kitty by contemporary artists in a new book Hello Kitty, Hello Art!

"Hello Kitty is the ultimate muse, a blank canvas upon which for years people have projected their dreams and fantasies, and increasingly, artists too."

-Caroline Ryder

by Caia Koopman: Gato Muerto

The artists that comprise the book include Gary Baseman, Ron English, Luke Chueh, CRASH, RISK, Anthony Lister, Eric Joyner, Camilla d’Errico, Amanda Visell, Colin Christian, Huck Gee, Kozyndan, Deph, Caia Koopman, Yosuke Ueno and many others.

"About two years ago, my wife and I went to check out an art show at Santa Monica airport in a huge hanger. It was a Sanrio show and we didn’t know what to expect. It just sounded cool. When we pulled up, we were not disappointed. It seemed like a carnival atmosphere. As we walked in, we passed a chuck wagon of food trucks with a variety of assorted pleasures. Then I saw a Ferris wheel. It was really cool! We were really surprised and we wandered through a maze of great art. We had no idea what to expect and we were hooked. We caught the Hello Kitty fever!”


by RISK: East Meets West

Sanrio celebrated its 50th Anniversery in 2010. The brand prides itself in leading a lifestyle they define as a "small gift, big smile" philosophy. There are over 50,000 Sanrio brand items in 70 countries world-wide.

Since she has been around for so long, I feel like I know her; I’ve been with her through her various stages and products and she has been with me through my life.”

-Natalia Fabia

by Natalia Fabia: I Heart Hello Kitty

Sanrio paired with artist POSE, a Chicago based street artist, and launched a gallery show on October 14th under the same name Hello Kitty Hello Art. The show was at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles.

Roger Gastman, the compiler of the book, has been in the art and graffiti scene since his teenage years in Bethesda, Maryland. He has founded two pop-culture magazines- While You Were Sleeping and Swindle (co-published along with Shepard Fairey) and has published more than 30 art books. He is the founder and creative director of R. Rock enterprises.

You can buy the book over at Abrams Books or from Amazon

Check out all the Hello Kitty items at our Kitty Shop.

I love Hello Kitty. I'm a guy, and people think I'm weird cause of it, but I can't help it. I don't know why I like her, but it is probably the simple lines depicting such a cute character. And besides, the "backstory" is rather charming and innocent. The world could use more of this.
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I remember discovering the Hello Kitty section at our local department store, back when the mall was a grand new thing. For several years, all my birthday and Christmas money went towards stuff with Hello Kitty on it. I think that I thought it was so exotic because it was from Japan and we were in the middle in Nowhere, Ohio.
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My 6 year old niece loves all things Hello Kitty. She has clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, drinking cups, watches, necklaces, blankets just to name a few. She loves to get new Hello Kitty stuff all the time.
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Hello Kitty is simple, classic, colorful and always cute. Since I was a kid, I've had a particular love of Hello Kitty coloring books. Me and my mom would sit down on a Sunday morning and color page after page together. I could customize her in any way I wanted and create a bright, beautiful and colorful world with her. It's something I still do with my mom today.

Recently I've been struggling with how to be an adult and still love Hello Kitty. Can I, being a twenty-something now, walk around with a Hello Kitty backpack? How do you reconcile being an adult and still loving something a lot of people associate with children? This art book seems like a step in the right direction.
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I don't really love Hello Kitty, but my girlfriend does. She threatened to leave me if I didn't sign up for this contest. I hope I win, because I really love my girlfriend even though she loves Hello Kitty more than me.
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When I was a kid, my dad was a traveling salesman. Being an awesome dad, whenever he'd come home from his many business trips, he'd always bring me something wonderful from Hello Kitty. Even though they were only erasers or stickers and such, they have always been my favorite presents. I'm so happy Hello Kitty continues to bring cheer to all of us!
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I like Hello Kitty because she is such an iconic figure. People always know who she is even when she is dressed up in costumes that are different than normally.
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I first got into Hello Kitty towards the late 70's. Riding the bus and Hello Kitty school supplies. The erasers always smelled like candy and I never wanted to use them so she would stay nice, new and clean, etc. I have always associated Hello Kitty with good memories. Couple of years ago stationed in the mideast, I came across a Hello Kitty blanket at a local market and it became my happiness during a long time away from home, family, and friends. I kept the blanket on my bunk, bright pink in an army green atmosphere of concrete floors covered with persian rugs and military lockers and bunk-beds scattered about. I love Hello Kitty, because she reminds me of who I am, and who I strive to be.
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Hello Kitty, in her sweet simplicity, is something that makes not only children smile, but us adults as well. I love it that she has become such a recognized kitty that represents so many products that we can enjoy, from makeup holders to backpacks. She has become a symbol so much so that if you walk past someone with a Hello Kitty item, you can share a common nod and smile without having to say a word. But what I love most is that when I see Hello Kitty, no matter where it might be, it is an instant reminder of my sweet kitties.
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Hello Kitty is a breath of fresh air. I've collected many images of Miss Kitty since I was a child & enjoy drawing her. Very inviting, innocent, playful. The imagery never gets old or played out. I'm really glad the brand has not only survived but thrived. Rock on Miss Kitty.
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I worship at the altar of her majesty, Hello Kitty!! I have been collecting HK since 1978. I have some Sanrio tattoos (Hello Kitty in a devil suit and Kuromi surrounded with skulls), and I have LOTS of merchandise and collectibles, but alas, I do not own this book. Being out of work has put a crunch on my collecting. I'd love to win this incredible book of art! Thanks for the chance to win.
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i love hello kitty because she gives me inspiration to make hello kitty-themed bentos all the time. she is my muse...without her, i'd surely starve. fingers crossed that i win the book which will inspire many more awesome hello kitty lunches and will make me the envy of my workplace lunchroom!
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I've loved HK since the early 80's! For me, she illustrates playfulness, happiness, and simplicity--endearing, timeless values.
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I've been a Hello Kitty fan/collector for 24 years now. And she's still relevant today! Timeless! That's what I like about her, is that she's has never gotten old to me and she is just so darn cute! Also, A LOT of brands have incorporated her into their lines (i.e. Vans, Sephora, Target, etc.) which makes it even more fun to collect her items!
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I have to add that my mom sent me two Halloween cards and each one had a set of Hello Kitty Halloween stickers in them. I am 42!
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Hello Kitty can be the sweetest, the sickest, the weirdest, the cutest and the baddest........but she is always Hello Kitty - in facet she is Every Kitteh and that's why I love her.
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