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Should Polygamy Be Legal?

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In the midst of the discussion over marriage equality these days, let us ask this question: Should three people be allowed to marry each other? After all, they're all grown ups and what business does society have in regulating what they do in private?

That's the controversy surrounding the case of a three-person civil union in Brazil:

A notary in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo has sparked controversy by accepting a civil union among three people.

Public Notary Claudia do Nascimento Domingues has said the man and two women should be entitled to family rights. She says there is nothing in law to prevent such an arrangement.

But the move has angered some religious groups, while one lawyer described it as "absurd and totally illegal".

The three individuals, who have declined to speak to the press, have lived in Rio de Janeiro together for three years and share bills and other expenses.


What do you think? Should polygamy be legal?

Sure why not.
Let the gay people get married, the polygamist get married and the people into bestiality too. Since we don't want to step on anyones rights lets just lower the bar completly.
Pre arrainged marriage to an infant? Sure why not. We can just let people do whatever they want until the only question left is what kind of tax breaks can four men all married to the same goat get.
The real question isn't what is right or wrong but when do the majority say enough is enough and the bar has to be set.
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I've always been torn about this. At a personal, moral, level I have zero problems with the idea. But.. you KNOW that if it's made legal, you're gonna end up with a whole bunch more creepy fringe-LDS types marrying groups of brainwashed sixteen year old girls. Sigh. I guess I'd still vote yes.
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As much as I want to say that polygamy should be legal, from an economical standpoint, I don't think it's feasible right now. Polygamy would create too many loopholes and confusion, and our current system isn't designed for it. I think it would be too easy for people to abuse the system. Tax rates would need to be reevaluated. Insurance companies would have a fit. Plenty of people marry for citizenship now, but I could see it becoming a business if more than one spouse was allowed. Divorces could get even messier. As would credit reports.

While I think it's perfectly natural to love more than one person, our economic system would need a lot of modifications to be able to fit polygamy in.
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I think polyamory should be legal if people want to formalize a group relationship. Polygamy only means a man in a relationship with multiple women. Polyandry would be a woman in a relationship with several men. Polyamory would be multiple people of any gender being in a relationship with each other.
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Why is polygamy always immediately assumed to be between a man and multiple women?

Sister Wives. What about Brother Husbands?

Me, I am going to stay single: Sologamy.

What happened when the princess turned down the marriage proposal of the handsome prince? He lived happily ever after.
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Noone should be disciminated for his gender... even in a relationship...

It is just one problem i see with this: Polygamy is usually 1 Man multiple Women, but also includes the case of 1 Woman and multiple men...

This means that polygamy also would allow multiple men married to multiple women...

And finally e.g. one women having two husbands, wherein at least one of them in turn has an additional woman that is in turn married to one or more ohter men...

I don't want to imagine any divorce rules, name laws, laws of succession in such a situation....

I won't accept a polygamy relation ship for me...

But if any group of people find a non-discirminative way to get along with Polygamy why should i want to forbid it...

In the Brazilian situation there is only one question... if the Husband dies, would the women still be married?
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Here's my two cents! just throwing out an opinion. i'm sure there are holes in it as nothing is perfect. try not to be too brutal with replies. :)

I don't think this should be Illegal. The law shouldn't dictate who you can, and can't be partners with (with-in reason, let’s not nit-pick about goats, rocks, and under-age). How about this, if you can legally gamble, or be drafted to fight in a war in your country, then you can be partners with others that can do the same.

If 3 consenting adults want to legally declare themselves as partners with shared fiscal responsibilities and living arrangements then so be it. That's their lives, let them live it. It doesn't hurt me or you, unless they happen to be marrying someone you had your eyes on. I don’t see anything Morally wrong with this arrangement that would cause us to have a Law against it.
Now, 20 people as partners with a clear intent to take advantage of a government provided perk of partnership (citizenship? Tax breaks?) That is morally wrong. This scenario has nothing to do with a desire to be partners with someone. It should be illegal.

As far as holy matrimony, and/or the profession of your love to one another in front of your god any everyone you know; that depends on your religious viewpoints, your god, and your 'everyone you know'

If you're interpretation of your religious texts leads you to believe you can marry multiple partners, and you can find a church and group of people that shares those beliefs, then absolutely. Have a Holy matrimony at that church with those people, and be happy in your beliefs, for they are yours and your partners', and nobody can take that from you.

Should you be able to go to any church anywhere and get married in that church that does not share your views? No. Sorry, but you have no right or entitlement to marry in a church that does not relatively share your religious views on marriage. It would be disrespectful of you to do it, and of the church to allow it.

The governments would definitely need to revise rules and regulations on the perks (tax benefits, or in my case tax penalties) involved in marriage scenarios. But governments need to revise a lot of things. People by nature take advantage of things, so things need to be governed. This is all just one more thing that needs to be governed. Not dis-allowed altogether as a ‘morally wrong 100% of the time’ topic.
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