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WTF Is That?

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This writhing string of whoknowswhat was pulled from the Baltic Sea a little while ago. Some people claim it is just pig intestines, others say it is a bizarre sea creature, others say it's some sort of as-of-yet undiscovered worm and, of course, many are claiming it's an alien life form. Do any of you intelligent Neatorama readers have some insight to help clear up the question of "what the hell is that thing?"

Link Via Pet's Lady

These are small intestines, recently removed from an animal. they contain smooth muscle and therefore will still contract post mortem. Not sure which animal they are from, but they are clearly quite large, and the yellow colour of the mesenteric fat leads me to think they are from a horse.
Trust me, I'm a vet.
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OMG, can't believe you didn't figure it out
It's the fetus of a sandworm.
The mother will be pissed...
No sensible fremen should venture in the desert for a long while
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I too think it's intestines. But it reminds me of a recent video of the Chinese penis fish, which is actually a spoon worm. They are pretty disgusting.
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Sorry, but I thought at first it was a pile of used condoms. Then I put my glasses on, then took them right off again...O.M.G...KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!
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I expect it to be smalll intestines of a pig.. .showing the same effects as Galvani's experiment on frog legs (or just being agitated)...
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I would say these are intestines for sure... you can see the mesenterium (the transparent thing which containes the arteries) check anatomy books and you will see that I'm right ^_^
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