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When Do You Take Off the Wedding Ring?

In the wake of the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes breakup, the BBC asked when is the proper time to take off a wedding ring after a divorce. Readers were glad to tell the stories of what they did with their rings, which vary widely. When I was widowed, I wore my wedding ring for years afterward, but that's a different story altogether. My divorce was so long ago, I don't even remember what I did about the ring. How about you? Link -via Metafilter, where you'll find lots more stories.

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ours were simple 18k white gold bands, so after my ex left, i wore it on another finger simply because i like wearing rings. a couple years later i started feeling a little weird about keeping it, so i sold it for $100 (which was pretty good, considering it only cost $150 to begin with.) i think that's the only time a pawn shop actually gave me MORE money than i expected!

i never regretted getting rid of it for any emotional reason, although in hindsight i probably would've just kept it and had the inscription polished out of the inside. then again, i have more rings than i ever wear, so i guess it's not a big'd probably be sunk deep into the depths of my jewelry box by now.
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I took mine off after I had confronted my husband of 3 months about his cheating and he refused to stop. That morning, he was going to a local church with the woman he was having an affair with, and I tried to get him to take my rings with him to the church to help him remember what he was giving up. He wouldn't take them. A week later I told him to leave, and the rings went back to their gift boxes for about a year. In the end, I sold them to a friend and used the money to go to the beach for a weekend. I have no idea what he did with his ring.
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I take mine off when I use lotion just because I don't like the feel of lotion stuck under my ring. I remove it when I'm swimming or something with a similar probability of it falling off, but I put it on my necklace. I don't have a particular attachment to the ring itself, but it means a lot to my husband that I make an effort to make it special.
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I always take my one off as soon as i start working with tools / machines...

It is just a symbol for love and should not be overrated.. as such it is only a piece of metal...

I always prefer to loose the ring rather than loosig what it stands for...
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I took mine off the minute I found out my husband was cheating. The divorce was a couple months later. I made a "divorce box" for my daughter. I contains my rings with original box and purchase paperwork, marriage license, wedding photos, and first Christmas ornaments,etc. I figure someday she and future generations might appreciate it.
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