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Only Dog Poop Can Go Into This Trash Can

Ben Koros describes the design challenge:

The biggest problem with dog waste disposal cans is, that they fill up on domestic rubbish way before time – thus even responsible dog owners can’t dispose their pet’s waste.

His simple but clever solution was to place a curve into the lid so that poop-filled plastic bags could fit in, but not regular trash.

Link -via Technabob

so when i finish my soda and theres no garbage can, yet i dont want to litter, and i see this thing and jam the can into the slot as best i can and walk away... what happens then? will it unclog itself?

and how much does this "single purpose" garbage can cost vs. a "multi purpose" one like everyplace everywhere has used for always?

stupid overthinking of a non-problem.
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Our local dog park has green plastic bins for poop. The bins are in the shape of cartoon dogs.

However to deposit said poo you tilt the head back and drop the bag down its neck. Cathartic sometimes, but definitely a hidden message here.

Also, I wonder what would happen if someone dropped a match or ciggy in the hole.... burning crap smells ten times worse.
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RD you have to be smarter than the garbage can. And in case you cannot accomplish that, here is a quick step by step.
Step 1: Dog takes a big steamer
Step 2: Put big nasty dump in a plastic bag
Step 3: Hold baggie of poop so it is dangling like a medieval ball and chain (do not hit others as if you are Braveheart, this is unacceptable behavior)
Step 4: Follow the maze (I know, it might be a complicated maze, but power through, you've already made it this far!)
Sept 5: Release poop flail into the poopy abyss.
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That hole seems small. I have big dogs. I already find it disturbing to pick up poo, now I have to mold it so it fits into this tiny opening? :( This is not psych ward arts and crafts time... I just want to get the grimy part over with as quickly as possible.
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If the issue is to much trash in the bins this helps the dog waste but what about the overflowing garbage can beside it? Sure the won't be bags of shit lying around but I guess coffee cups and McDonalds garbage is ok.
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