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What's Your State Food?

Yum Sugar recently came out with a list of official dishes for each U.S. state. Oregon, for example, is Marion berry pie. My state, California, has Cobb salad listed as the food of choice. Over all, they seem pretty accurate to me, but I haven't been to every state of the nation.

How do you feel about your state food? Does it suit your home or do you think another dish would have been more appropriate?


Philly cheese steak with green chile on it. Om nom

Green chile is our state vegetable. But the green chile cheeseburger seems to be our state food.
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Wyoming's was not necessarily true. The only time Ive seen normal folks eat them is during branding/castration time, and even then its a matter of not wasting, and to feed hungry cowboys/girls. Its not like you can walk into just any restaurant and get them. I see Rocky Mountain Oysters in mostly tourist places.

If I had picked a dish or food it would be any type of venison dish. I don't really know anyone who doesn't have deer, elk , or moose in their freezer year round. i love living here!!
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Cobb salad shows a distinct Southern California bias and it's weak at that. I would have suggested Dungeness crab, sourdough bread, artichokes, cioppino, drive-in food, fish tacos, or anything Mandarin or Cantonese. This is starting to sound like a really good dinner party.
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also from sc...i actually had no idea what hoppin' john was until i heard about it on a tv show last year. that tradition hasn't stuck in sc, but lots of people do still eat black-eyed peas on new year's. i would have suggested frogmore stew for south carolina, myself.
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As a life-long resident, I question (and have never had) Delaware's state dish. Instead, it should be a Bobbie from Capriotti's; thanksgiving on a roll.
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Some of those were spot on but some left me shaking my head. As far as Nevada goes, "Hotel Buffets" is not a food. Kansas is the fried chicken state? Really? How about one of the southern states, say Kentucky? I live in California and Cobb Salad is definitely not the state food for any Californian I know. The In-'N-Out hamburger is more like it, at least for southern California.
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