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Fossilized Copulating Turtle Couple Discovered In Germany

These shell backed lovers were fossilized while doing the nasty around 47 million years ago, and now have the distinction of being the only vertebrate fossils ever found frozen in the act of making love.

The mating couple were found in a German quarry called the Messel Pit, where five more pairs of copulating turtle couples were found, making this site the new home for paleontologist jokes and one liners about mating turtles.

Anybody have a good turtle joke they'd like to share?


Cool story brah! I'm glad you know of plate tectonics! You can probably tell me why there's worldwide evidence of flooding now. Oh, theory must mean "inarguable proven truth to you". GJ brah!!!!1
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I'm LOLing at "lol", who's either a troll or obviously has never taken a basic science course and definitely not a college-level geology course. Otherwise he/she would know that "theory" does not mean "wild-ass guess" in the world of science. Also, the term isn't "continental drift" anymore. The new hotness is "plate techtonics" and there's plenty of hard, scientific evidence for it. In fact, plate techtonics is happening right now all over the world and is being measured documented.

"Creation Scientists" on the other hand? Those folks just make up stories to fit their mythology.
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HUGE LOL @ "no evidence" in fact there's worldwide evidence of gigantic floods. Go take a Geology course B. And if you know anything about geology you'll realize all they do is make up a story about what they're really seeing. Even in this day and age, that's really about the extent of science that takes place. And in all fairness that's about all they can do. Heck, continental drift is still a theory.
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Umm no. Turtle orgy happened 47 Million years ago (evidence in picture)/ mythological flood referenced in multiple cult beliefs - supposed to have happened several thousand years ago - no evidence. Just no.
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Evolutionists say fossils are formed when dead animals are slowly covered in silt which then becomes sedimentary rock. Sorry, but six mating pairs of turtles weren't all dead. They may be slow, but not that slow. They were surprised by a thick wave of mud. Sounds like evidence of Noah's flood to me!
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No jokes, but turtles / tortoises are very horny little buggers. Seems like half the time I see them they're making baby turtles. Hell, I even saw one at one time that had put food on the back of the bottom turtle's shell so he could get a snack while having sex.
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