That's a Small Fire Truck!

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This fire truck was spotted in Nobleton, Ontario, Canada. Videographer thespadeinator says at the YouTube page:
My friend says that it is a legit firetruck, but what could that thing honestly do to a fire? Make it laugh itself to death?


Skeptics can laugh, but there actually are times when size is not as important as efficacy. BMW even makes a firefighting motorcycle that can get through traffic more quickly than conventional vehicles.
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Funny enough, we have one of these in our town of Decatur, GA.
Mostly it is for the mayor to ride in during parades but it also is used at every festival we have - and we have a lot of them - for two purposes. The first (and most fun) is that kids get to ride around in it and ring the bell and all that. The backup purpose (I have not actually seen it used for this but it probably sounded good in the budget meeting) is to to carry people out of the middle of the festival who get hurt or pass out.
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Small fire trucks like this are often found in factories and industrial settings. The one's I have seen esentially carry a fire extinguisher that is too large to be carried.

That being said, this one looks to be more done up for parade purposes.
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