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School Says "Don't" to the 'Do'

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Teenager Patrick Gonzalez is a Spurs fan, so he wanted to show his love for his favorite player Matt Bonner by getting a unique haircut. Problem is, the school said "don't" to the "do": Link

Sorry, but why should the mother have to ask permission from the school, anyways? That's obscene.

At my niece's school, there are kids who wear pretend animal tails every day. That's a little worse than this brief homage to one's sports hero.
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While I agree that suspending the kid is rediculous, I really wish parents wouldn't encourage their own kids to have such silly hair cuts. It should have gone down like this, "YOU SHAVED WHAT?? ON THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD!!!"

If this is a free speech issue, then where is the line? Do we let them all wear thongs or batman costumes everyday? Maybe so, but to me this is nothing but a bad art shaved on somebody's head.

P.S. I thought it was Chuck Norris too. :)
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The mother went to the school specifically to ask for permission but they are back pedalling and saying that none was given, which I find highly unlikely. If she went to the trouble of actually going to the school, she wouldn't come away without a definitive answer. From the story it sounds like the school gave her the go-ahead, but verbally. If she made a mistake it was in not getting something in writing, as she now admits.

I don't think they should have given permission in the first place. School dress codes are put in place for very good reasons. However, if the 'front office' did give verbal permission they should be reprimanded too, for their mistake.
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Gross haircut, but it is pretty silly to suspend him for it. Of course, there's the whole slippery slope viewpoint - if they let him get away with this, pretty soon there'll be hair-inspired anarchy in the halls. ;)
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Kid's got a good argument for freedom of speech on his side. If the administrators really do try to bring the hammer down, I'd love to see the school taken to court.
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I really truly and sincerely hope the idiot officials of this school district die in a fire. Of all the "battles" to be fought be teachers and administrators to secure our students educational success, this is certainly not one of them. This is a glaringly poor reflection of an extremely weak classroom teacher and an impotent administrative staff that simply panders to over reactive myopic sentiments regarding disruptive/distracting behaviors. I am commenting from a teachers point of view seeing as how I am one.
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