Applying to Join the Chinese Communist Party

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If it weren't for the English subtitles, you'd think this was an everyday pop song, possibly about family. It's more like a love song to the Chinese Communist Party, the ultimate in this young man's aspirations. The propaganda music video is both amusing and unnerving. -via Metafilter

It's not unnerving. It's rather sweet. It reminds me of the day I filled out my passport application. Or when I renewed my drivers licence.

Sigh, good times.
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Well, I really don't have time to make a continuum of all the unnerving things in life... and I didn't say it was the "most" of anything, and I didn't say it was disturbing. However, it is different enough that if I didn't post it here, most of our readers would never see it.

I'm sorry that this is not disturbing enough for you.
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More unnerving than pledge week at any university? More disturbing than people reenacting the passion play with real bodily damage? More bizarre than ANY Christian revival or political national convention? Just because this is supposed to be the enemy of the US does not make it more disturbing than any herd function that tries to (and often does) circumvent clear thinking and personal will.
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