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Magnetic Implant to Hold iPod Nano

Tattoo artist Dave Hurban of Dynasty Tattoo in Newfield, New Jersey, likes to have his iPod Nano handy, so he decided to attach it to his wrist with magnets:

Hurban explained that the technique he used to get the four magnets under his skin to hold the iPod in place is actually a fairly typical one in the world of body piercing. “Those magnets are actually called micro-dermal anchors,” Dave explained, “and in body piercing they are very common. The tops are actually just 5 millimeter magnetic tops.” If you check out the admittedly cringe-worthy video of the process that the design firm Kaleidoscope Kreative shot, you can witness Hurban planting those very anchors, with a look of placid concentration on his face. “I took the ends of magnets and actually adhered them to the back of the iPod, and that’s how they click into my skin.”

Jeff Saginor of Digital Trends has the story: Link

Thanks for clearing up that the earlobes are stretched - I would have sworn those were gaping holes. But "stretched" is completely different.

As for your hearing my message, I'm impressed that you can hear me typing this - I have to get one of those quiet keyboards.

Sorry if my having an opinion about the damage to one's earlobes offends you, April. How does that affect you? It really shouldn't, but I suspect you don't mind being offended.

I think you're not being entirely honest when you say nobody minds your ears. I think you probably like the attention, and you seem to go out of your way to attack people who comment on such questionable choices.

I would suspect that you are probably fairly used to people staring at you directly in the eyes or who glance nervously to the side a lot, in order to avoid looking at your tautly stretched earlobes. Don't worry; I'm sure they're just ignorant, too.
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No one has actually read the article properly.

He hasn't implanted magnets beneath his skin, he's put in four TRANS-dermal implants (also known as single-point piercings) which have removable magnet caps. The implant has a 'foot' which is embedded under the skin, and a 'post' which extends through the skin and supports a cap, which screws into the post.

The magnets are ON TOP of his skin and are REMOVABLE. The actual implant itself, remains in the skin, but when the caps are removed, are very inconspicuous.

As for 'he can never have a CAT or PET scan' - rubbish. The magnets are removable. The implants are medical-grade titanium. These are perfectly inert. I myself went through an MRI machine with five of these implants in my arm. Absolutely no problems. The only issue is that it may distort the image slightly, if you're looking at an area close to the piercing.

Everyone quit bitching about things you don't understand. Or at least read the article and watch the video before you comment.
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Yeah this guy is a massive attention-seeking loser... talk about insecurities...only a matter of time before his world starts crumbling around him, and the pathetic freak will wonder why.
Claiming that he invented the strapless watch...if he wasn't so keen to big-note himself then maybe Dave would have a teenie amount of street cred
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Hey Ted, So glad to hear from you again. You know what? It's a good thing my ears still work properly...with the "ugly gaping holes" I have in them. Oh wait, they only affect the way I look, and how does that affect you? Oh they don't? Phew. I thought for a minute they might affect you in some way.

Seriously though (because I am a very serious person-(yes, even people with lobes that dangle with pieces of flesh can be serious) why does it matter to you? I am a professional, and work in the medical field. No one seems to take issue. Just keep your ears in pristine shape, and don't go screwing around with your body, okay?

Oh- and it's 'stretched lobes'(most certainly not "ripped holes") You learn something new every day. What I know: Ignorance can't be excused.
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Sorry, April. What is the official term for those ugly, gaping holes that you've ripped in your ears, so that your lobes hang down like sickly little strands of flesh?

I know when the archaeologists are talking about Mayans, the loops they put in to stretch the lobes are called ear flares. I just don't know the term for the deformed lobe-holes.

Please excuse my ignorance on the matter.
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Many issues with this.

1. 4 magnets. They will draw towards each other. The body is a water sack and they will continue to pull towards one another until they meet.

2. If even the slightest bit of cracking occurs in the casing these magnets must have to be in the body he's looking at a good case of heavy metal poisoning. The magnets are: neodymium, iron, and boron. Iron being the only element the body could absorb while the neodymium and boron will cause blood poisoning. Even the iron could cause haemochromatosis.

3. He can NEVER fly in the US again. He can never have a CAT or PET scan with these in his arm. He cannot go into any courthouse or US gov. building.

While I do think body mod is perfectly fine for any individual. I personally think this type is a seriously flawed choice.

A bit more info about this procedure:

And a far more dramatic mod... eyeballs:
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so he has a problem, he wants to wear his nano on his body.

His solution? A $5 nano wrist strap from ebay? Make a strap from ducktape? Get a $300 designer nano wrist strap? Wear it round his neck? Put it in his pocket?

No, he opts for surgically implanting fricken magnets and then epoxying magnets to the nano case as its not even magnetic in the first place...
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